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Founded in 1981, Trust International B.V is a company specialized in the manufacturing of IT accessories with its headquarters in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. The Trust products are oriented towards the budget segment of the market.
The Dutch company was initially founded under the name Aashima Technology B.V, but during the 90’ it became Trust International B.V. At this moment, the company has expanded in 19 countries from Europe while the Trust products are present in more than 44 countries.

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Packaging and accessories

The steering wheel is packaged in a multicolored cardboard box with red accents, the background is featured in GXT product packaging.
The front side features a general image of the steering wheel and pedals, in the middle there is the name of the product while on the lower side there are some of its characteristics.


The sides of the packaging are simple, here only the name of the product is present.


On the back side of the box the features of the product are presented in 6 languages. The left side features images presenting the main characteristics of the steering wheel while on the lower side there is the same general image of the steering wheel and pedals that we have on the front.



The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x User Manual
– 1x GXT Sticker


Model: GXT 580
Colors: Black
Connectivity: Wired
Connectors: USB 2.0
Buttons/Switches: 13 buttons
Compatible Systems: PC and PS3
Rotation: 180
Warranty: 2 years


– 2 Gear shift levers and 13 buttons
– Foot pedals with stable anti-slip base
– Robust suction cup mounting system
– 180-degree wheel rotation
– Vibration Feedback for in game racing effects*
– *Vibration feedback must be supported by game


Visual inspection

The GXT 580 model features a 180-degree wheel rotation and an all plastic construction. The steering wheel is medium in size and the outer surface is textured to provide a better grip when in use. The steering wheel offers a total of 13 buttons and two paddles, all of them are labeled both on the wheel itself but also on the Windows Software and Games.


In addition to the 13 buttons placed on the front of the steering wheel, there are two pads on the back. These pull back towards the user.


The buttons are not illuminated however they are Macro compatible and can be configured in any game that supports a wheel or controller. These are easily differentiated due to their shape and size, the top L3 and R3 buttons have a glossy surface and maintain the overall shape of the wheel while the A/B/X/Y are round and raised. The left side features a D-Pad switch, often found on console controllers.


The steering wheel uses five suction cups for mounting on a level surface. These are mounted on the edges of the inferior side.


The connection in the case of the GXT 580 is done through a USB 2.0 connector and a cable with a length of approximately 1m. The connection between the main unit (steering wheel) and the secondary unit (pedals) is done through a RJ45 connector.


The steering wheel uses two pedals and a plastic stand. Just like the steering wheel, the outer surface features a texture to improve grip during use. In addition, the movement between the two pedals is equal.



The steering wheel was tested using PC racing games: Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Live for Speed, Need for Speed Shift. Three of the used games are simulator based environments while the last one is geared towards casual users.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the GXT 580 steering wheel is good, the wheel itself while having a reduced size is comfortable and the sides are shaped to provide a better grip for the hands while being comfortable. The two paddles at the back are easy to reach and most of the buttons are accessible with both hands on the wheel. The turn action is smooth and provides adequate feedback and rolling resistance, the wheel springs to its original straight position when not moved.


The pedals included of the GXT 580 are big enough to be comfortable, the moving action is smooth however there is little feedback from the moving mechanism. In addition, one of the pedals made an occasional squeak, most likely the mechanism was not breaking in.


Final thoughts

The Trust GXT 580 Steering Wheel is aimed at the budget gaming market, however it offers a good build quality and feedback. The user experience is good, the shape of the wheel is comfortable and all switches are easy to reach. In addition, each button is Macro enabled by default, thus it can be configured from the used game to any option available. The steering wheel does not use a dedicated software interface. The driver is available for download on the Trust website and it enables the complete functionality of the steering wheel, pedals and buttons. Also, the turning sensitivity and force feedback can be configured directly from the steering wheel using the Select/Mode/Start buttons in various combinations explained in the manual.

The pedals are comfortable and do their job, however there is little feedback from the moving mechanism, thus it requires an adaptation period from the user side. This is in contrast with the steering wheel which offers good force feedback and moving feedback.

In conclusion, the GXT 580 is a budget solution for casual gamers that are looking for a good experience within budget. The build quality is good and the buttons are programmable and easy to differentiate, the only inconvenient comes from the pedals which offers low feedback, however they work good.


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