SPC Gear SM900 Streaming USB Microphone


The sound quality is good, especially for this price range, with plenty of bass available and crisp sound recording. The SM900 is running in a single recording pattern: Cardioid. This means that the speaker needs to face the front of the microphone, to achieve the best sound quality.


The included accessories are easy to install and they enhance the recording experience. The shock mount prevents any vibrations from being passed through to the microphone. The monitor arm is spring loaded to be easier to lift and move, while also being silent. The pop filter prevents the strong flow of air from reaching the microphone, and crating unwanted noises.


Final thoughts

The SPC Gear SM900 Streaming USB Microphone is available for an average price of 79 USD or EUR. Within this price range, other microphones are delivered with no accessories or this level of build quality.
The sound quality delivered by the SM900 is good, especially since there is no way of adjusting the gain withing the microphone itself. The gain can only be adjusted through the recording software of your choice.

The accessory bundle is rich and provides not only an easy way for beginners to set up and use the microphone, but it also eliminates the process of choosing the right microphone arm and shock mount, or pop filter.
The usability of each of these accessories is good, the arm is silent when moving and provides a good support for the microphone and the rest of the accessories. The only drawback of this microphone arm is that while it is solid when installed, with every change of position it will create a spring like motion for the microphone.

In conclusion, the SPC Gear SM900 Streaming USB is an affordable microphone that is ideal for streaming or voice recording, thanks to the Cardioid recording pattern. In addition, one of the advantages of the Cardioid pattern is the lack of background noise being picked up by the microphone. The sound quality is good and the build quality is great.

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