SPC Gear SM900 Streaming USB Microphone


Visual inspection

The SM900 USB Microphone has a simple design that is found on other microphones, both cheaper and more expensive. The body of the microphone is made from solid metal and is covered by a thick layer of matte black paint.


The microphone connects to the PC using a standard USB 2.0 B Type Male connector. This is the same connector used for various accessories such as DACs, or wired printers. On the bottom of the microphone, there is a thread for installing the microphone on a dedicated stand.


The SM900 has two distinctive design elements: at the top, the SPC Gear name and emblem are placed, alongside the Cardioid symbol. The second design element is in the shape of a red line that is above the connector of the microphone.


The mesh that covers the top of the microphone is manufactured from hard metal, it is also woven and has a high density, which will prevent any particles from entering inside the enclosure.


The cable of the SM900 has a length of 2.9 Meters. The connectors used are: a standard USB 2.0 B Type Male connector for the microphone side, and a USB 2.0 connector for the computer side.

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