SPC Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Brown RGB



The testing is straight forward, we use the Aqua’s test software which will highlight the number of keys registered at the same time. In this test, the GK540 Magna remains true to its promise, being a full N-Key rollover keyboard. This means that you can press more than six keys at the same time, which is pretty nice, especially for those games that require multiple keys pressed for a special move.


The GK540 Magna has a full RGB backlight system, with LEDs integrated into the mechanical switch housing. The keyboard has a total of 18 different lightning modes, and one additional mode that you can customize.


The Num lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock activity indicators are lighted by a single solid white LED per indicator. These are bright and are very easy to see and differentiate.


The SPC Gear GK540 Magna does not have dedicated media or macro keys, instead, all the media functions are integrated within the F row of keys. Starting from the key F1 and ending with the key F11, the functions are: Computer, Web Browser (whatever you have set as default), Calculator, Music Player, Previous Track, Next Track, Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Vol. Down, Vol. Up.



The software offered by SPC Gear for this keyboard model has a simple interface, which is easy to understand. At the top you can change the lighting patterns, and you have plenty to choose from, as in 18 different lightning modes. Plus, one additional mode that you can customize.. The usual settings for the lights are also present, this includes: the brightness and the speed of the patterns. At the bottom you can switch the USB report rate, from 125 hertz to 1000 hertz. The macro settings have a dedicated smaller page, which allows you to customize the buttons of the keyboard and the button combinations.


Final thoughts

The SPC Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Brown RGB has an average price of 58 US dollars or EUR, and for that, it offers three models of mechanical switches manufactured by Kailh and a good build quality and plenty of RGB. The metal plate that sits below the mechanical switches protects the PCB of the keyboard and increases the overall stiffness of the plastic body.

The design of the GK540 Magna is simple with a familiar layout and a total of 104 keys available, with additional functions integrated within the F row keys. The RGB illumination is good and offers plenty of modes and patterns to satisfy everyone, while not being intrusive.

While seeing the Vision USB controllers used on this keyboard might be considered as a sign of low quality. I have to point out that Vision controllers are used in both Cherry MX keyboards and many more models.

In conclusion, the SPC Gear GK540 Magna is a good gaming keyboard that is affordable and offers true mechanical switches in three variants. The build quality is good and the lightning is done with taste, although it could have been brighter. The only inconvenient found on this keyboard, is the total lack of extra keys, especially when full Macro support is available and media keys are present.

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