SilverStone Permafrost PF240W-ARGB

Visual inspection

The Silverstone Permafrost PF240W-ARGB has a good design, with addressable RGB integration on both the CPU water block and the included 120mm fans. The only difference between the PF240W variant and the regular cooler is the all-white matte coating applied on every component of the cooler except the cooper baseplate.
The cooler uses a standard 240mm radiator and two 120mm fans which are part of the SST Air Blazer series.


The CPU block has a hexagonal design with a square footprint on the CPU socket. The casing of the CPU block is made from plastic and has a height of just 50mm. The top of the CPU block is covered by a highly reflective plate that will hide the Silverstone snowflake logo installed behind.


The tubes of the cooler connect to the CPU water block with two plastic made fittings that can also swivel. In addition, the water block has two cables with a total of three connectors. A single 3 pin power connector and two addressable RGB connectors.


The baseplate of the cooler is made from solid copper. The surface of the base is smooth with little to no marks left from the manufacturing process. In addition, the copper plate is attached to the pump housing by eight screws.


The tubes of the cooler have a total length of 400mm and are covered by high quality synthetic sleeving. The tubes are connected to the radiator using plastic made fittings which are also the same shade of white as the rest of the cooler.


The radiator used with the Permafrost PF240W-ARGB has the standard dimensions: 272mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 28mm (H). The body of the radiator is made from aluminum while the fins appear to be made from copper or an alloy. This radiator also has an ins-per-inch density of 20.


On the side where the two tubes are connected to the radiator, there is a plastic sealed fill port. While this port does not have a warranty sticker placed on it, I will advise against tampering with it, as the cooler is a closed loop system.


The two fans included with the cooler are part of the Silverstone Air Blazer fan series. These have the model number: APA1225H12. The fans have a minimum speed of 600RPM and a maximum speed of 2200RPM. The connectors included are a single 4 Pin for powering the fan and two addressable RGB connectors for the integrated LEDs.


The corners of the fan have rubber pads to dampen the vibration and also to prevent any scratching of the radiator or the chassis where the cooler is installed.

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