Silverstone IceGem 240P

Visual inspection

The IceGem 240P has a unique design which is centered around the CPU block. The block is covered by a clear plastic plate that mimics the design of a diamond. In addition to the shape of a diamond, the clear plastic is illuminated by RGB LEDs that are placed inside the CPU block. The radiator and tubes follow a classic design with an all-black color scheme, and nylon made sleeving on the tubes.
The cooler uses a standard 240mm radiator and two 120mm fans which are part of the Air Blazer RGB series.


The CPU block is the highlight of the IceGem 240P in terms of the design. The top of the block features a diamond shaped plate that is also illuminated by RGB LEDs. The Silverstone logo is placed on the center of the block and it is also illuminated by RGB LEDs.


The baseplate of the cooler is bigger than the average baseplate found on Asetek based units. In fact, this baseplate has a width of around 71mm and is made from solid copper. This makes the IceGem 240P a great choice for Threadripper and X299 CPUs.


The CPU block has two wires and a total of three connectors: two RGB connectors and a single 3 Pin power connector. These cables are not sleeved but are completely black and fortunately, have a good length.


The tubes used on the IceGem 240P have a length of 400mm and are flexible enough to be easy to work with. The sleeving used on the tubes is made out of woven nylon and has a glossy texture that compliments the overall design of the cooler.


The fittings used on the CPU block are fortunately angled at 90° and can also swivel. The fittings used on the radiator are simple and also made out of plastic.


The radiator of the IceGem 240P is simple in design, and can accommodate up to two 120mm fans per side. The dimensions of the radiator are: 274(L) x 120(W) x 38(H). This radiator also features an air bleeding port.


The two fans included with the cooler are part of the Air Blazer fan series. These have the model number: APA1225H12. The fans have a minimum speed of 600 RPM and a maximum speed of 2000RPM and thanks to their 4 Pin connectors, they can be controlled via PWM. Each fan has an additional cable for the RGB LEDs integrated into the hub and impeller assembly.

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