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Founded in 2003, SilverStone is an established leader in the IT field distinguishing itself through exceptional quality of their products and through their elegant and innovative design. Since 2003, SilverStone expanded its line of products offering customers a wide selection of products, from power supplies, fans and cooling solutions to cases and mounting systems for monitors and TV’s. All with a stylish look characteristic of SilverStone.


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Packaging and accessories

The headset stand comes packaged in a black box with silver accents.
On the front side of the packaging there is printed an image of the product, in the center there are printed both the name of the product and a brief description of it. On the upper part of the box there are printed both the name & logo of the manufacturer. On the lower part there are listed a few characteristics of the product next to a QR code.

The back side of the packaging presents the product using a general image of it. Also the features of the headset stand are listed in 9 different languages.

The headset stand comes disassembled in order to be easier to ship. The packaging is composed of soft closed cell foam in order to absorb any impact or shock that can appear during shipping. Also each piece of the stand is individually packaged in a transparent plastic bag.


The product comes with the following accessories:
–    1x User Manual
–    6x Short screws
–    2x Long screws
–    1x Metallic plate
–    1x Rubber strip



Model No.:  SST-EBA01S/SST-EBA01B
Product Type: Headphone Stand
Colors: Silver/ Black
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 280mm (H) x 220mm (D)
Net Weight: 1.48kg


–    Sensual styling touches with all aluminum design
–    Designed for holding up to two headphones simultaneously
–    Beautifully rounded hanger evenly distributes headphone weight
–    2cm thick solid base with anti-slip design for excellent stability


Visual inspection

The stand has an elegant & minimalist look, characteristic of Silverstone, using aluminum in its construction, thus the EBA01 model can sustain two pair of headsets at the same time. The EBA01 model is available in two colors: black and silver.
The stand has a height of 28cm and a depth of 22cm weighting 1.48kg.


The base of the stand has a thickness of 2cm and it is made completely of aluminum. On the front side there are engraved both the name and logo of the manufacturer. Also on the inferior side the base features three rubberized strips to improve grip and prevent any scratches on the surface the stand sits on.


The arm of the stand is curved on the front side, thus maintaining the general look of the stand. This, just like the rest of the components, is made completely off aluminum.


The upper part is curved on one side and the edges are smooth. This part of the stand by itself has a length of 220mm, being designed to support two pairs of headsets at the same time.



The assembly process of the stand is user friendly and requires only a Phillips screwdriver. The stand is composed of three metallic components and their assembly requires only 8 screws of different sizes.


Once fully assembled the stand is solid and thanks to its shape it can easily support two pairs of headsets without being unbalanced, the weight of the headsets being evenly distributed.


Final thoughts

Starting from the elegant and minimalist design up to the build quality and packaging, the EBA01 stand is a very good product. The three components are made out of solid aluminum while the surface is fine, fingerprint resistant.
The build quality and design justify the price of the stand, being marketed at approximately 65 Euros, also this product is destined for the high end segment and enthusiasts.

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