Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB 32GB 3200MHz


The following system was used to test the memory kit:
– Processor: Intel i9 9900K @ 5GHz
– Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming X
– Graphics Card: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio
– SSD: Crucial MX 500GB
– HDD: WD 1TB Blue
– PSU: Seasonic Snow Silent 750W Platinum
– CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240
– Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
– OS: Windows 10 64-Bit (After April Update)


The RAM was tested using the CPU at its turbo frequency of 5 GHz. The memory was firstly tested using the standard X.M.P frequency while the second test was done with the memory at the maximum frequency reached while Overclocking. Each test was done a minimum of three times.

The XPOWER Turbine RGB DDR4-3200MHz has a good overclocking potential. The maximum overclock reached with this kit was 3466MHz, while maintaining the factory timings of 16-18-18-38, however the voltage had to be raised to 1.42V. While a 200MHz overclock does not look like much, the fact that the RAM kit was able to reach 3466MHz while maintaining the factory timings is very good. As always, when overclocking RAM, the best performance gains are achieved by having a good ratio between higher frequency and lower timings.


Software used for testing the RAM Kit:

– CineBench R15
– Shadow of the Tomb Raider
– SuperPi 1.55 Mod
– AIDA64 Extreme Version: 6.25.5400


Shadow of the Tomb Raider


CineBench R15


AIDA64 Read/Write/Copy Benchmark


AIDA64 Latency Benchmark


SuperPi 1.55 Mod


Final thoughts

The Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB 32GB 3200MHz is available for a price of approximately 150 USD or EUR.

The performance is good in all areas, while the overclocking is adequate. A 200MHz overclock is not much, but any RAM kit that can do that while maintaining its factory timings has a good overclocking potential.

The design of XPOWER Turbine RGB manages to blend both RGB LEDs and a neutral color scheme, making the RAM kit easy to match with any system, be it gaming or a workstation. The heatsinks have a linear brush texture that will reflect all the light around the RAM, also, the color itself is not just plain silver, it is a shade or two closer to gunmetal grey.

The RGB implementation of the XPOWER Turbine RGB is done well, the plastic beam at the top of each RAM module will create an even blend of the LED colors and tone down the brightness of the light. The important thing about this RGB system is that it uses the motherboard’s software for the LED control, and does not require its own standalone piece of software, thus decreasing the clutter in your OS.

In conclusion, the Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB DDR4-3600MHz CL16 32GB is a good choice for either a gaming or a workstation system. The RAM kit is stable and has no compatibility issues, and the out of the box performance is good. The build quality is great, starting from the PCB and the integrated RGB LED, everything is made well.

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