Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB 32GB 3200MHz

Visual inspection

The XPOWER Turbine RGB is the latest addition to the RAM series of Silicon Power. The main change between the XPOWER Turbine RGB and the previous XPOWER Turbine series, is the color used on the heat spreaders and the implementation of RGB LEDs within each RAM module. The design of the XPOWER Turbine RGB takes a simpler approach, when compared with other RAM kits available on the market. The heatsink has a grey color with a brushed texture, and a paper label on the center.

The RAM kit featured in this review has a total capacity of 32 GB and runs at 3200MHz, with the timings 16-18-18-38 and a voltage of 1.35V. The serial number of this kit is: SP032GXLZU320BDB.


The RAM modules have a height of approximately 38mm, and if the heatsink is removed, then the RAM sticks will have a height of just 33mm. The low profile heatsink makes the XPOWER Turbine RGB compatible with most air CPU coolers available on the market, and an ideal choice for small form factor systems and motherboards.


The RGB implementation in the case of the XPOWER Turbine RGB is found at the top of each RAM module. The top is covered by a plastic beam which has rounded edges at each end of the RAM stick. This plastic beam is semi transparent to better diffuse the light and blend the colors of the RGB LEDs found beneath. In the middle of each RAM stick, the XPower logo is printed in black.


The sides of the RAM modules are covered by a label which serves as the main graphical element of the RAM kit. This label features a multi color honeycomb pattern, with the XPower logo placed at the center. Above this label, the Silicone Power initials are engraved into the metal of the heatsink.


The paper label placed on the right side of each RAM module contains the bare minimum of technical information. It includes the capacity of each RAM module and the frequency using the XMP profile. However, the timings are not listed here, and instead, we have two serial numbers.


The removal of the heatsink from the RAM modules is simple, as the heatsink is attached with the help of a thin self-adhesive thermal pad. Before removal, it is recommended that the RAM module is warmed up, to soften the adhesive and minimize the risk of damage for both the memory chips and their soldering points.


The XPOWER Turbine RGB uses a double side PCB design, with the memory chips placed on both sides of the all black PCB. The memory chips used are branded as Silicon Power units, with the serial number: 4N8089HCBE. However, this serial number does not return any relevant search results. To figure out the model of these memory chips, a software was used, and it revealed that these chips are manufactured by Hynix and have the model number: H5AN8G8NAFR.


The RGB LEDs are directly soldered to the PCB of each RAM module. These LEDs are the half dome type and are placed on the upper side of the RAM module.

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