Silicon Power Blast Plug BP81

Visual inspection

The Silicon Power Blast Plug BP81 is composed out of two ear buds and a metal case that also has an integrated battery, essentially, being a power bank for the earbuds. The Blast Plug BP81 is available in two color variants matte black or matte white. In addition, the earbuds are made out of plastic while the case/power bank is made from metal.


The earbuds have a plastic made outer casing and a combined weight of 15.8g, or 7.9g for each earbud. The surface of the plastic casing has a matte finish which will not stain but it is predisposed to marks especially if your hands are not dry.


The Blast Plug BP81 earbuds have a round design which is a good approach in terms of the ergonomics. The round casing paired with the lightweight structure of the earbuds make for a comfortable user experience.


The included metal case is used not only for storage when the earbuds are not used, but it also acts as a dedicated power bank and charging station. The sliding container has four metal pins that will attach to the contact points in the earbuds. In addition, the sliding container is held closed by a strong magnet located on the other side of the case.


The top of the case features four white status LEDs and a button, alongside the Micro USB Charging port. Pressing the center button will trigger the LEDs which will highlight the charging level of the integrated battery.

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