Segotep SG-F3 EDI White


Segotep is a manufacturer of computer cases and power supplies for the Asian and European markets. The Segotep brand is the result of the partnership between Chaintech and Colorful, with the goal of offering reasonable priced components. At the present moment Segotep manufacturers and offers computer cases, CPU cooling systems and power supplies.

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Packaging and accessories

The case is packaged in a simple cardboard box. The front side of the box features a general image of the case next to its name, on the upper part here is the manufacturer’s logo while on the lower side there are presented a couple of the case’s features. The back side of the case is identical.

The sides of the packaging present the specifications of the case alongside a QR Code.

On the inside, the case is shipped with soft foam to provide better protection during shipping and dampen the shocks.


The product comes with the following accessories:
– 5x Zip Ties
– 5x Velcro Ties
– 1x Bios Speaker
– 3x Motherboard standoffs
– 8x Metallic screws Type 1
– 5x Metallic screws Type 2
– 15x Metallic screws Type 3



Name: SG-F3 EDI White
Model: SG-F3-WH
Colors available: White
Materials: Steel & Plastic
Motherboard Support: Micro ATX, Mini ITX
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions HxDxW: 600 x 395 x 395mm
Expansion & Drive Bays:
– 4 expansion slots
– 2x – 2.5″ dedicated SSD/HDD unit positions
Front I/O:
– USB3.0
– USB2.0
– HD Audio I/O
Cooling System:
– Rear: 2x – 80mm fans included
Water cooling compatibility:
– Bottom – 120 mm radiator (Use of radiators in the bottom position limits the PSU length to 165 mm)
– CPU coolers up to 130mm in height
– Graphics cards up to 315 mm in length


– Dare/create. Flight theme electric competition case
– A unique style that projects Segotep exclusive faith lights
– The texture is soft and the winter is not cold and biting; Colourful, can satisfy the individuality pursuit of different grade
– The design of diamond craft, dynamic and graceful line base, build flying embodiment
– Support CPU heat sink height: 130mm; Support card length: 315mm
– Standard with 8cm cooling fan, support 120mm one-piece water cooling
– High speed native USB3.0 * 1, fast native USB2.0 * 2, HD AUDIO I/O

Visual inspection

The SG-F3 EDI model is distinguished by the unique design, starting from the exterior shape up to the offered options and the interior. The overall shape of the case is similar with that of a commercial aircraft cockpit, being outlined by the contrast between the tinted panel at the top. The outer surface of the case is made out of glossy plastic, this being in contrast with the case feet that are made out of solid metal and have a rough texture.


The front side maintains the overall look of the case, here the power button and the power LEDs are installed.

The case stand is made out of solid metal, most of the case weight is due to it. On the lower side the feet are covered by rubber covers to prevent scratches on the surface the case is on.


The I/O panel is mounted at the front of the case on the inferior side, being integrated between the case feet, it features the following connectors: 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 2x Audio Jacks and one reset button.


The rear of the case features four expansion slots and two pr

e-installed 80mm fans. Below we have the space for the power supply.


The inferior side of the case features a removable long dust filter, this covers the entire bottom of the case, the power supply area and the front.


The SG-F3 EDI chassis has an interior optimized for small for factor systems such as ITX or mATX. The case can accommodate a radiator up to 120mm in side and graphics cards with a length of maximum 315mm. The CPU cooler compatibility is limited to a height of 130mm.


The cables of the chassis connectors are all black almost to the end of the connectors.


The case features two 2.5” storage trays.



The following system was used to test the chassis:
– Processor: Intel i5 6600K
– Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITXac
– RAM: Patriot Viper 4 Series 8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL15
– GPU: GeForce GTX 480
– SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
– PSU: Xilence Performance A+ 530W
– CPU Cooler: Segotep AIO 120

On the front side of the case there is an LED that projects the Segotep logo on the surface the case is resting on, this illumination system is powered using a standard 4-Pin Molex connector.


The power supply is mounted to the case with the help of a metallic bracket that sits on the power supply and is screwed in to the back of the case.


From the four expansion covers of the case, only one is attached with screws and thus can be reused, the rest must be detached from the case frame.


The build quality is acceptable; however, the back of the case is covered in residual materials from the factory. In addition, the plastic cover that is mounted over the expansion slots and power supply is held in place by four magnets. During the assembly process, one of these magnets came of its bracket.


Final thoughts

Due to the unique design, the Segotep SG-F3 EDI is a welcomed addition to the line of cases from Segotep. The case is addressed towards the small form factor systems, being compatible with Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards. However, the exterior dimensions of the case are not ideal for SFF type systems, with a height of 600mm and a length of 395mm, the SG-F3 EDI is larger than a typical SFF system. The build quality is acceptable at best however the overall fit and finish is lacking, in this price range all the PCIe slots must be detachable and reusable and factory leftovers on the surface must not be present.

The interior space of the case is not fully utilized, the case itself being compatible with only a single 120mm radiator, even though the space would allow a bigger radiator to be mounted. In addition, the airflow is lacking, the two included 120mm fans are set up for exhaust only and the case features just a single dust filter mounted on the floor using metallic clips.

In conclusion, the Segotep SG-F3 EDI brings a unique design, being a radical change compared to the rest of the cases manufactured by Segotep, however the the fit and finish and the interior space utilization are not up to the asked price, especially in the SFF type case market.

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