Seasonic PRIME TX-750 Titanium

Visual inspection

The PRIME TX-750 Titanium has a similar design with the rest of the models that are part of the Prime series. However, the main difference is the color combination, satin black and matte silver, are used to showcase the 80PLUS Titanium certification. The power supply has a weight of 3kg, a width of 150mm, a height of 86mm and a depth of 170mm.


The highlight of the design is the fan grill at the front of the power supply. This grill features a chrome texture and a widened honeycomb pattern, it also offers a good contrast with the satin black of the casing. In addition, the PRIME emblem is placed at the center of the grill, and is surrounded by a chrome rectangle.


The sides of the power supply have a dual-purpose design. The front part features a cutout that allows for air to move inside and outside the power supply. This cutout is paired with straight lines that extend towards the top and bottom of the power supply. In addition, on the right side, the PRIME series emblem is placed inside a chromed rectangle.


The back of the PRIME TX-750 Titanium has a simple layout, with a widened honeycomb pattern doubling as the exhaust vents of the power supply. The left side features the AC power slot and the ON/OFF button for the fan operating mode, called “Hybrid mode”.


The front of the power supply features 13 slots for the modular cables. All these slots are labeled and marked to be easier to identify. The labels and markings are painted directly on the metal casing.


The top of the power supply has a simple paper label which features the main technical specifications of the power supply.


The cables of the PRIME TX-750 Titanium are black and ribbon style flat. The usage of flat cables improves the user experience when routing the cables of the power supply. However, the main 24Pin cable is not flat, and it is instead covered by a good quality sleeving.


The fan used by the PRIME TX-750 Titanium is manufactured by Hong Hua and has the model number: HA13525L12F-Z. This fan has been used in plenty other power supplies, from both Seasonic and other manufacturers. Unfortunately, its exact technical specifications are unknown as each power supply has different requirements, and the HA13525L12F-Z model number is used for multiple fan models.

This fan uses a Fluid Dynamic Bearing system, and is controlled by Seasonic’s three-phase Hybrid Fan Control system.


The fan is connected to the PCB with a 2-Pin connector, which makes it removable and easier to service.


The PRIME TX-750 Titanium uses the newer Seasonic Titanium electronic platform. While this platform is similar in its layout with the previous Seasonic Prime platform, modifications have been done to reach the 80PLUS Titanium certification. As usual for a power supply of this caliber, the passive cooling of the internal components is done by five solid metal heatsinks, while the active cooling is done by the 135mm fan.


The filtering starts at the back of the power supply, behind the AC slot. Here there are two X and two Y capacitors, both protected by a metal cover.


The APFC section uses two primary capacitors manufactured by Nippon Chemi-Con with the following specifications: 400V, 470uF for the smaller capacitor and 400v 560uF for the larger capacitor. Both have a maximum operating temperature of 105°C.


The MOSFETs used with the PRIME TX-750 Titanium are manufactured by Infineon and are the models IPP50R140CP. These are cooled directly by one of the aluminum made heatsinks, and can be found on the right side of the power supply.


For the platform protections a Weltrend WT7527 chip is used. This is installed on a vertical secondary PCB close to the side of the power supply.


On the same PCB as the Weltrend WT7527 chip, there is a single AS393 dual-voltage comparator, manufactured by Diodes.


The PRIME TX-750 Titanium uses mostly Nippon Chemi-Con made solid and standard capacitors.

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