Scythe Kaze Flex RGB PWM

Visual inspection

The Kaze Flex RGB PWM shares the shape and technical characteristics with the regular Kaze Flex fans. The main differences with this new version are: the RGB implementation, the white tinted impellers and the all-black rubber pads. The design of the Kaze Flex RGB is centered around the enhancement of the RGB LEDs which are integrated within the fan hub.
The fan itself has the following dimensions: 120 x 120 x 27 mm.



The fan uses a total of 11 impellers which have a design that is meant to generate both static pressure and airflow. This is achieved by having the blades wider than those used on an airflow focused fan. The texture of the impellers is white tinted matte, which helps with the diffusion of the RGB elements of the fan.



The gap between the tip of each blade and the inner side of the frame is average. A smaller gap reduces the pressure drop, and is indicative of a good static pressure fan.


The Kaze Flex RGB uses a Sealed Precision Fluid Bearing, a bearing that is only found in Scythe fans. Most likely, it is a customized variant of the standard Fluid Bearing. Behind the bearing and hub assembly, there are the eight RGB LEDs, their position is to maximize the light diffusion.


The corners of the frame are covered by a rubber pad on each side, these pads are using clips to stay in place and provide a better grip. The only difference between the rubber pads found on the Kaze Flex and the Kaze Flex RGB variant is the color, the latter being completely black.


The back of the fan uses four curved beams to hold in the center the bearing & the hub assembly. One of these beams holds all the wires of the fan with the help of two plastic clips. Thanks to the narrow design of these beams, the wind resistance and noise are kept to a minimum.
The back of the fan hub features a label with the Scythe logo and the model number of the fan.


The Kaze Flex RGB uses either a 4-Pin connector or a 3-Pion connector. The 4-Pin connector is used only by the PWM compatible fans, while the 3-Pin connector is used by the fixed RPM models.
The cable is covered by a hard-plastic sleeving while the wires inside are completely black for a cleaner look. The second set of cables is not sleeved, these are the 4-Pin RGB cables that also have a splitter for passing the RGB signal to a second fan.

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