Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB

Visual inspection

The Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB has a basic design, with the PCB having a regular light blue color. The front of the SSD is covered by a white label that also has subtle light blue accents, this design matches the packaging and other Sabrent products.
The Rocket Q 2TB has the standard M.2 2280 form factor which means that the SSD has a width of 22 mm and a length of 80 mm, and has a thickness of around 2mm.


The Rocket Q 2TB has a simple label, however this is not just a design element, this label has a pure copper layer on the underside. This means that the label will act as a small heatsink to passively cool the SSD and its components.


The controller used on the Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB is the Sabrent RKT 303 controller, with the model number: PH-SBT-RKT-303. This controller is nothing more than the Phison E12S controller under a different name and with a better-looking heat spreader.


The smaller Phison branded chip found on this SSD is in fact the voltage regulator module, or VRM for short for the controller. This chip has the model number: PS6106-22.


The Rocket Q 2TB uses four Micron made, 96-layer 3D QLC memory chips. These have the model number: IA7HG67AWA and have an individual storage capacity of 512GB.


The cache used on the IA7HG67AWA has a single 4GB DDR3L DRAM chip installed. This memory chip has the serial number: SCB13H4G160.

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