Riotoro Enigma G2 650W Gold


Visual inspection

The Enigma G2 650W Gold has a simple design with reduced dimensions, the power supply has a width of 150mm, a length of 140mm and a height of 86mm. The active cooling is done by a single 120mm fan which uses the three phase Hybrid Silent fan control system, developed by Seasonic.


The sides of the unit are simple; the only decorative elements present are one sticker per side. The sticker contains the manufacturer’s logo and the full name of the power supply.


The back of the power supply has honeycomb shaped perforations to allow for the air to exit. On the left side there are the AC slot for the power cable, next to it there is the standard On/Off switch. The square button named Hybrid mode, toggles between the three modes of operation for the 120mm fan: Fanless Mode, Silent Mode and Max Cooling Mode.


At the front of the power supply there are the 11 slots for the modular cables. Each slot is labeled in red and also framed with white lines. As usual, each slot has a plastic ridge at the top, this is used by the cable connector to clip on.


The top of the Power Supply has the standard label with the power specifications and certification of the PSU. The serial number and part number are also printed on this label for additional information.


The cables of the Enigma G2 650W are completely black, the main cables are covered by standard sleeving while the auxiliary cables, such as the SATA and Molex cables are not sleeved, but are instead ribbon style flat.


The fan used is made by Hong Hua, model HA1225H12F-Z specifications: 12 V, 0.58 A, 2200 RPM, 120 mm. This fan has been used in numerous power supplies from Seasonic and other manufacturers. The mechanism used is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing, while the fan control is done by Seasonic’s three-phase Hybrid Silent system. The fan is connected to the PCB with a 3-Pin connector.


The RIOTORO Enigma power supply series is using the new Seasonic Focus platform. For the passive cooling, four metallic heatsinks are attached to various components, while the active cooling is achieved by the 120mm Hong Hua HA1225H12F-Z fan.


Starting at the back of the unit, behind the AC slot, there is a small PCB alongside a couple of Y capacitors and X capacitors, these are starting the filtering path of the unit.


The APFC section uses a single capacitor manufactured by Nichicon with the following specifications: 650uF/400v with a maximum operating temperature of 105°C. Next to it there are a pair of transformers.


The secondary PCB of the Modular system uses two small coils paired with a couple of Nippon Chemi-con solid capacitors. This PCB also houses the DC-DC VRMs of the unit.


The PFC side of the unit features a single Hongfa HF46F-G relay with two GPT18N50DG MOSFETs manufactured by Champion.


The Enigma G2 650W Gold uses a wide variety of solid and standard capacitors, manufactured by Nichicon and Nippon Chemi-Con.

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