Phobya Molex Extractor Kit + Flex Sleeve


Aquatuning GmbH is an IT cooling company founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. Aquatuning designs, manufacturers & distributes products meant for cooling IT components. It owns brands such as: Alphacool and Phobya.


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Packaging and accessories

Phobya Molex Extractor Kit
The kit is packaged in a semi-transparent cardboard box with a black background and white, blue & red accents.
The front side of the box presents the kit, the upper side of the box being transparent. In the middle there is the name of the kit while above we find the website of the manufacturer.
On the background of the packaging is printed the Phobya character.


On the sides of the box we find printed the tools of the kit, and the name & logo of the manufacturer.


The back of the box presents in detail kit and its purpose.


The four instruments are held in place by soft foam.


Phobya Flex Sleeve

The Phobya Flex Sleeve is packaged in a transparent plastic bag. The same thing can be said about the Phobya Simple Sleeve Kit. This kit is composed from sleeving and heatshrink made by Phobya.



Name: Phobya Molex Extractor Kit
– 1x Universal Molex Extractor
– 1x Floppy and fan Extractor
– 1x Auxiliary extractor
– 1x ATX extractor
Weight: 0.14 kg

Name: Phobya Flex Sleeve
Diameter: 3-24mm
Colors available: Blue, Carbon Fiber, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Black, Silver, White

Visual inspection

Phobya Molex Extractor Kit
The kit is composed of four instruments for disassembly of the power supply’s connectors. Each type of connector uses a different mounting system. Each instrument from the four is designed for one type of connector & mounting system. Also all tools are fabricated out of steel.


The ATX extractor is used to disassembly the connectors used by motherboards and graphics cards. The tool features two on the front side, these sections press down on the claps of the pins found inside the connectors.


The Universal Molex Extractor is used in the case of 4 Pin Molex connectors. This tool has two tubular heads, the main head has an outer diameter of 3.60mm and an inner diameter of approximately 2.70mm. The secondary head has an outer diameter of 3.00mm and an inner diameter of 2.16mm.


The Floppy and fan Extractor is used for Molex connectors found often powering fans, this type of connector can use 2 Pins up to 4 Pins. This tool can also be used in disassembly of floppy style connectors.


The Auxiliary tool is used for the connectors which require only one pressure point or have one mounting clamp.


Phobya Flex Sleeve

The Flex Sleeve are available in 9 colors the majority of them being UV reactive. The diameter of the sleeving varies between 3mm and 24mm.




Final thoughts

The tools which make the Phobya kit are made out of laminated steel being strong enough and are designed to be as ergonomic as possible. This type of tools are indispensable in the case of a modding project.
Each instrument proved its usefulness in the process disassembly & sleeving of a Power Supply.
In conclusion, the Phobya Molex Extractor kit should be included in the tool box of everyone.

Phobya Flex Sleeve

The Phobya Flex Sleeve are available in 9 different colors (Blue, Carbon Fiber, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Black, Silver, White).
The sleeving has a soft texture, it is fabricated out of synthetic material similar with high quality nylon.

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