Fnatic Gear Focus XL



1. Introduction

Founded on July the 23th, 2004 by Sam Mathews, Anne Mathews and Nader Atoui. Fnatic is one of the most known gaming teams in the world, being the winner of the title “Team of The Year” in 2006.
In November 2015, the gaming peripheral company Func was acquired by the eSports team Fnatic. The goal of the new brand is producing high quality peripherals.

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2. Packaging and accessories

The packaging of the Focus XL model is cylindrical, made out of plastic and cardboard. Both the shape and materials offer the mouse pad a better protection.
The design of the packaging is similar with that of the Flick mouse, having a dark background with orange accents. The front side features the name and size of the pad.

img_2574 img_2576 img_2580 img_2581

The back side of the packaging presents the specifications & features of the product.


3. Specifications

Model: XL
Colour: Black
Surface material: Cloth
Type: Soft
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 227g
Available models & sizes:
–    Size M: 280 x 214 x 3mm
–    Size L: 340 x 260 x 3mm
–    Size XL: 400 x 305 x 3mm
–    Size XXL: 487 x 372 x 3mm
–    Size Desktop: 950 x 450 x 3mm


FNATIC QUALITY: Designed with tournament play in mind the FOCUS is manufactured to the highest standards to deliver time and time again.
PRO-GRADE TRACKING SURFACE: The woven surface supports rapid movement and game play while still being able to deliver laser-like precision and control, in conjunction with a pro-grade optical sensor.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: With a soft-woven material and low profile, FOCUS is comfortable and provides a feel of control to your gaming experience.
FOCUS TEXTURE: FOCUS has a unique surface texture to provide more precision and comfort during long gaming sessions.
NON-SLIP GRIP: FOCUS is equipped with a non-slip rubber backing to ensure a steady grip on any desktop.

4. Visual inspection

The Focus XL mouse pad has a simple, minimalistic design, just like the peripherals from the Fnatic line.
The top surface of the mouse pad is made out of cloth, being soft, it is glued directly on the foam middle of the mouse pad.

img_2583 img_2833

In the lower right corner there are placed the name and logo of Fnatic. The batmobile is for size comparison only.


img_2587 img_2591

The Focus XL model has smooth edges and a thickness of 3mm.

img_2590 img_2829

The back side is rubberized using a chevron pattern for a better grip on all surfaces.

img_2830 img_2834

5. Testing

The build quality & the materials used is exceptional, the mouse pad maintaining it fresh look after a few weeks of daily use. Both the front and back surfaces of the mouse mat are high quality (not peeling off).


6. Final thoughts

The Focus XL pad stands out through the quality of materials and its design, it can also be used together with any set of peripherals. Also it offers a surface that is both soft and durable.
The availability of this pad in multiple versions and sizes is a welcomed feature.

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