Noctua NH-U9S

Visual inspection

The Noctua NH-U9S is a compact CPU cooler, with a height of just 125mm and a width of 95mm. The cooler uses a single 92mm fan and a heatsink with a total of 5 copper heatpipes and 45 aluminum cooling fins.
The dimensions of the heatsink are: (H)125mm x (W)95mm x (D)68mm, with a total weight of 618g.


The heatsink has an offset single tower design, and uses approximately 45 aluminum made cooling fins. The heatpipes and the fins are attached through soldering to both improve the heat transfer and also, to increase the sturdiness of the heatsink.


The NH-U9S has a total of five copper made heatpipes, each with an outer diameter of 6mm. In addition, the copper made heatpipes are nickel-plated to prevent oxidation and add more depth to the design of the cooler. Just like with the cooling fins, the heatpipes are soldered at the back of the base plate of the cooler.


The top of the cooler is simple, with only the Noctua logo etched into the top metal plate of the heatsink. The endings of the heatpipes are shaped symmetrically into a cone, this is important, as many other coolers have uneven heatpipe endings that affect the overall look of the cooler.


The base of the NH-U9S is made from nickel-plated copper just like the heatpipes. The surface of the base is smooth with no marks left from the manufacturing process. The surface itself is polished to a mirror like reflection. A smooth surface reduces the possibility of air being trapped within the thermal compound, and also increases the evenness of the thermal compound spread.


The 45 aluminum made cooling fins are bent downwards on the sides of the heatsink. This is done not only to channel the air towards the middle of the heatsink but also to increase the sturdiness of the heatsink, as the fins are stacked. The fins are also shaped to allow easy access of a philips screw driver to the mounting system screws.


The NH-U9S has a single 92mm fan for the active cooling. The fan is a Noctua NF-A9 PWM model, and has the dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25mm. The fan has a minimum speed of 400 RPM and a maximum speed of 2000RPM. The top speed can be reduced to 1550RPM with the help of the included low noise adapter.
The cable of the fan is covered by high quality sleeving and the connector used for power is a standard 4 Pin connector, which is also PWM compatible.

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