Noctua NF-P12 redux-1300 PWM

Visual inspection

The NF-P12 redux has an identical design with the NF-P12 model, the only difference between the two models are the materials used and the color. The nine blades are shaped to generate as much static pressure as possible, while reducing wind turbulences and noise. The highlight of this fan is the industry grade self-stabilizing oil-pressure bearing, also known as SSO, with an expected life-span of over 150.000 hours. The fan itself has the following dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm.


The blades have a wide design which increase the static pressure generated by the fan. Each blade has three Vortex Control Notches. These notches have as their main purpose the spreading of the fan’s noise emission over a wider range of frequencies. This makes the sound emitted by the fan more pleasing, by altering the note of the sound heard.


The smaller gap between the edge of each blade and the inner side of the frame reduces the pressure drop when the fan is spinning, this is effective especially on a radiator, where static pressure is important.


The NF-P12 redux is equipped with the first generation of the self-stabilizing oil-pressure bearing, called SSO Bearing in short. The hub and motor assembly are manufactured from the same hard plastic material as the blade assembly


The corners of the frame are shaped to facilitate the installation of the Noctua silicone pads for vibration dampening. This being a Redux series fan, the pads are not included in the package, however, the mounting holes used for the pads can be used for installing the fan in non-standard locations.


The back of the fan frame features the standard 4 plastic beams that not only hold the motor and blade assembly centered, but are also designed to have a low wind resistance. On the back of the fan hub there is the classic label with the model number, input power and input current printed.


The NF-P12 redux uses a 4-Pin Molex connector just like most PWM capable fans, the cable is sleeved until the end with black rubber sleeving. The wires leading from the frame to the motor are not sleeved and are exposed.

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