AOC i2769VM

1. Introduction

In 1967, the Admiral Overseas Corporation was founded in Taiwan. With the introduction of the brand name AOC in 1979 and the opening of the first production facility in China in 1992, AOC commenced its rapid expansion into markets worldwide. AOC International (Europe) GmbH, located in Berlin, is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, World’s largest manufacturer of PC monitors and LCD screens today. The product range includes more than 100 different CRT and LCD equipment. AOC International (Europe) has more than 70 distributors that sell monitors in 20 countries. TPV has its headquarters in Hong Kong and is listed on the stock market in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Official product link:

2. Packaging and accessories

The monitor comes packaged in a simple box, with photos of the product on both sides. Also there are listed some features of the products, such as: the name of the model in the middle of the box, also the manufacturer’s logo is above. On the side we have the specifications of the product.

cutie cutie1 cutie2


The accessories that accompany the monitor are as follows:
–    VGA cable 116cm in length
–    HDMI cable 181cm in length
–    Power cable 153cm in length
–    Audio Cable

3. Specifications

Model: i2769Vm
Panel Type: IPS
Size: 27″
Display Type: LED backlit
Color: Silver-Black
Resolution: 1920×1080 @60Hz
Response time: 5ms GTG
Screen Format: 16:9
Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (type)
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 50M:1
Color Depth: 16.7 Million
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 622 x 449 x 140mm
Power Consumption: 35W
Speakers: Yes, 2W
1x Display Port
1x VGA


Integrated speakers: Built-in speakers make it easy to catch up with family, friends and colleagues. For movies, music, games and more, you’ll enjoy quality audio without the hassle of connecting external speakers.
HDMI input: High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is a global standard for digitally transmitting high-definition video and multichannel audio. This versatile single-cable solution allows you to easily connect your display to devices like computers, laptops, game consoles and media players.
MHL technology: Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) technology lets you mirror the content from your portable devices directly on this display.

4. Visual inspection

The monitor has a stylish design, the frame is really thin (having a thickness of 1cm), when the monitor is turned off, the monitor becomes “frameless”, you can’t really see the frame with the screen off. The thin frame combined with the silver-black colour scheme gives the monitor a slick and minimalistic design, The “AOC” logo is positioned in the middle of the silver frame, the case of the monitor is made out of plastic.

img_3024 img_3035 img_3036 img_3037 img_3039

The back side of the monitor is made out of plastic and is divided into two parts: a very thin top – glossy, and a more “fat” bottom,which contains the entire electronics – coated simulating brushed metal. The edges of the monitor are black and glossy.
The buttons of the monitor are located on the right side of the monitor under the silver frame. Next to the activity LED (on – green & stand-by – orange) are the symbols which represent each button and their function.

img_3026 img_3027 img_3028 img_3029 img_3031 img_3040

The foot of the monitor is mounted on a medium sized round plastic stand, measuring approximately 21cm. The stand is made out of plastic, maintaining the silver-black color scheme of the monitor, the top side is silver while the inferior side is black. The monitor is mounted on the stand with a fixed “leg”, which only allows the user to adjust the angle of the monitor. If you don’t want to use the included stand, then the i2769VM is compatible VESA 100×100 (giving the option of mounting the monitor either on the wall or using an arm).

img_3043 img_3044

On the back of the monitor we find following connectors: Power, DisplayPort, HDMI with MHL & a regular HDMI, VGA and two audio jacks.



The menu buttons are located at the bottom of the monitor on the right side, below the silver frame. The menu is structured in the form of a black strip with several symbols representing one category/function. The default position of the menu is down on the lower frame, the user can move it on any side of the monitor. The menu can be used in 16 different languages. Also, on the CD that comes with the product we have the same menu but in the form of a software called “i-Menu”.
The first section of the menu is “Brightness”, from this section we can control the contrast, brightness,Gamma, DCR(dynamic contrast ratio) and the economic mode which has multiple profiles (text, internet, jocuri, filme, sport). The “Overdrive” function is used for adjusting the response time.

img_3039 img_3040

img_2964 m0


The “Image Setup” section is only available if the user is using the monitor via a VGA cable.
The “Color Setup” function (also called “Color Temperature” in the i-Menu software) is used for adjusting the color temperature by selecting one of the four default profiles (Warm, Cool, Normal & sRGB) but you have the option of customizing the color temperature using the “User” profile and adjusting the color sliders.

img_2966 m1


The “Color Boost” section is used for enhancing and increasing the intensity of the colors.


The “Picture Boost” section is used for adjusting a small portion of the monitor (a window), these settings are only for this window, not for the entire screen. This window can be customized by the user (position, size, contrast, brightness).

img_2967 m3


The “OSD Setup” (also called “Setting” in the i-Menu software) is used to customize the menu (transparency, language, position of the menu). The “Extra” function is used for changing the image format, imput mode, off timer.

img_2968 m4

img_2969 m5 m6


5. Testing

The AOC I2769VM model uses a AH-IPS panel (technology developed by LG) with a aspect ratio of 16:9 and with a resolution of 1980×1080 and a 5ms GTG (Gray to Gray). The IPS panel has a high visibility angle, without any image distortion or inverting of the colors.

img_2974 img_2975 img_2976
The IPS Glow is present on this model, on the left side down (a blue light) and on the right side down (there is a low brown light).

The minimum brightness level of this model is approximately 64 cd / m² and the maximum level is aproximately 210 cd / m².

img_2970 img_2972
Even at the stock settings, the monitor displays the colors really well. The average deltaE value is 1.02 and the maximum value is 2.58. – deltaE (color difference).
Below we have a couple of photos representing a few tests of the monitor, two examples of IPS glow and a few examples of films in 1080p & 720p formats, these photos are meant to show the performance of the monitor. (the camera might darken the photos).
The integrated speakers have a decent amount of volume and are pretty clear. If you don’t have any kind of sound system, these speakers will satisfy anyone and can be used on a daily basis.

Below we have a few sample photos of the PassMarkMonitor Test:

img_2980 img_2981 img_2982 img_2983 img_2984 img_2985 img_2986 img_2987 img_2988


6. Final thoughts

The AOC I2769VM is a good product in this price range. In both games and movies I haven’t encountered any delays. The factory settings are good but you need to fiddle with some of them to get the best experience. The design of the monitor is elegant, the color scheme bring out the large IPS panel. The colors are bright and warm and the IPS Glow is not severe enough to cause discomfort during night usage and you can’t see it during daytime use.
In my opinion, in the future the AOC I2769VM could be improved by using a better “foot” and stand, a system that allows the user to adjust the height of the monitor and has the option to pivot.  It would be preferable if AOC made a driver for each model to avoid inconsistent settings between the i-Menu and the menu of the monitor. Also the 5ms GTG response time is good but it would be better if this model had a 5ms response time or lower.
In conclusion, the AOC I2769VM is a good product, offering a IPS panel, high resolution, an elegant design and a pair of fair integrated speakers at a good price.

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