K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit

Visual inspection

The microphone kit has a simple design, most of it is functional, with no graphics or color combinations. The microphone itself, is a K&F CM-600 microphone that has a pre-installed wind shield. The microphone is made from both hard plastic and metal. The metal is used towards the front of the microphone and around the mesh filter.


The microphone connects to the compatible devices by using a 3.5mm output port. Included in the package are two 3.5mm cables, one that is meant for smartphone usage, and the other meant for camera/DSLR usage.


The microphone mount is fairly simple, being made out of plastic with a standard metal thread at the bottom. This C style mount is very hard to bend and will have a good grip on the microphone once installed.


The smartphone mount is made from hard plastic and has a spring-loaded mechanism to attach to the smartphone. This mount is able to rotate and also tilt a few degrees, in addition to having a metal thread port at the bottom.


The included tripod is also made from solid plastic. This tripod has everything needed to work both as a microphone tripod and also as a low profile DSLR & camera tripod. The top of the tripod has a rubber pad to prevent scratches and the standard screw thread to install any device at the top.

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