InWin 103


Visual inspection

The InWin 103 has an all metal construction with a minimalist design which features a pin-stripe pattern on the front and top panels. This pattern is also extending on the tempered glass side panel. The case is available in two colors, black and white, it has a weight of 7.31 kg and the dimensions H x W x D: 425 x 210 x 473 mm.


The side panel is made out of tempered glass; it is mounted to the chassis with the help of two plastic clips at the top and two plastic notches at the bottom. This mounting system offers an easy and safe way to open the case without the need of aligning four thumb screws through the fragile glass.


The other side panel is made out of solid metal, and features vents with a honeycomb shape. These vents are placed towards the front of the chassis and will serve as exhaust for the two fan spots inside the case. This side panel uses the same notch at the bottom opening design, but at the top it has two regular thumb screws.


The front side of the In Win 103 is solid and cannot be removed, it sports the same pin-stripe design as the rest of the case, in addition, the InWin logo is placed on the lower left corner.


The upper right corner is covered by a small glossy plastic panel that will light up in all colors, thanks to the integrated addressable RGB LEDs. The shape chosen for the illumination is the InWin name in capital letters.


The I/O panel is located on the top panel in close proximity of the RGB illuminated INWIN logo. The I/O panel is composed of the following:
– 2x USB 3.0
– 1x Power Button
– 1x Headphone
– 1x Microphone


The back side of the case has the standard layout with the power supply located at the top of the chassis. On this side there is a single 120mm fan mount that is height adjustable, there are also the 7 expansion slot covers. There are no perforations for the installation of a vertical graphics card bracket.


The only dust filter of this case is pre-installed at the bottom and is very easy to remove, by sliding it out to the side. This dust filter has a solid plastic frame and support beams.


The interior of the 103 case is similar in layout with other cases that are part of the 100 series. This layout includes a top mounted power supply, two 120mm fan mounting points on the motherboard tray and fan mounts on the floor of the chassis.


The bottom side of the chassis supports up to three 120mm fans, and radiators with the sizes: 360, 240 and 120mm. The fan configuration of this case makes the floor mounted fans the intake of the system and thus, the dust filter previously mentioned is located under the floor.


A vertical fan shroud is placed on the motherboard tray, towards the front of the case, here two 120mm fans can be installed or a 240mm radiator. This space is meant to be used as an exhaust only and has no dust filtration.


The two 3.5” storage trays are located at the top of the case; these are made out of plastic and slide in and out of their brackets. Each of these trays can accommodate either a single 3.5” storage drive or a single 2.5” drive.


The remaining two 2.5” storage trays are located on the back of the motherboard tray, these are held in place by a single thumb screw. This is the ideal mounting location for SSDs as they are easy to access and away from anything that could compromise the safety of the drives and data.


The space for routing and managing cables is approximately 21mm on the whole length of the chassis. The top power supply mounting space can accommodate power supplies with a length of up to 200mm.

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