In Win Polaris RGB Aluminum Twin Pack


Visual inspection

The Polaris RGB Aluminum shares the general design with the rest of the In Win Polaris fan models. The feature that makes the Aluminum stand out from the rest, is the Aluminum made round frame. The RGB system used consists of six independent RGB LEDs installed inside the rotor of the fan


The fan uses seven semi-transparent blades. These are designed to enhance and reflect the color and light generated by the six RGB LEDs installed at the base of the blades.


The back of the fan features 4 straight beams that maintain the structure of the hub. The modular connector cables are integrated on the back of two beams, this is done for both aesthetic and functional purposes. The label that covers the back of the motor presents the Polaris name and the manufacture’s logo, with the FDB model number.


The aluminum frame has a thickness of 2.5mm and is brushed horizontally. The edges of the frame are shaped inwards while maintaining the horizontal brush design. This is done to create an illuminated ring that captures the light generated by the LEDs. The rest of the aluminum frame is anodized in black.


The corners of the fan are covered in rubber to prevent the transfer of any vibrations from the rotational movement of the blades and hubs.


Another feature of the Polaris fans, that was first implemented on the In Win Aurora fans, is the modular connection system. Each Polaris fan has two modular connectors placed on the top two corners of the frame. Each of these connectors use eight pins to create the power and RGB illumination connections.


The actual end connectors for the fan pack are placed on a single cable, two 4-pin RGB connectors and a single 4-Pin Molex connector.

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