Visual inspection

The GOODRAM IRDM PRO GEN.2 has a simple design, however it maintains the IRDM series theme. The main graphics present on this SSD are placed on the front side of the SSD, and unfortunately these are just a regular sticker that can be removed.
The SSD has the following dimensions: 100 x 69.85 x 7 mm, and is compatible with the standard 2.5” form factor.


The IRDM PRO GEN.2 uses a simple SATA III (6 Gb/s) interface for connecting to the system.


The disassembly procedure should be simple on a regular SSD, however, in the case of the IRDM PRO GEN.2, it is not simple. For some reason GOODRAM opted for a metal clip system to hold the two parts of the outer casing together. This system makes the disassembly of the SSD a hassle, as each clip can break or scratch the SSD.


The controller used on the IRDM PRO GEN.2 is made by Phison, and is the model: PS3112-S12. This is an 8-channel controller that supports 3D MLC, TLC and QLC NAND technologies alongside a maximum storage size of 8TB.


The SSD has a DRAM cache and uses a Kingston made chip with the model number: D2516ECMDXGJD-U. This chip is in fact a DDR3L SDRAM chip and has a total storage capacity of 4GB.


The IRDM PRO GEN.2 1TB uses a total of four memory chips. These are made by Micron and use the TLC NAND technology. The model number printed on the front of these memory chips is: IA7BG64AVA.

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