Good RAM IRDM X 16GB DDR4-3000

Visual inspection

The GOODRAM IRDM X are available in four different color versions: Black, Red, Blue, White, Camouflage. The design of these RAM kits is minimalist, with a simple heatsink that covers the memory chips and almost the entire PCB area of each module. The heatsink used on the IRDM X models is low profile and will increase the compatibility of these RAM modules with the CPU coolers available on the market.


The heatsink as previously mentioned is low profile, the total height that is increased by the heatsink is approximately 2mm. The memory module has a height of four (4) centimeters, measured form the lowest point of the PCB, where the connection pins are located.


The label which has the main technical information of the RAM kit is applied on one side of the heatsink. In the case of the IRDM X, the label has the serial number and the model number of the modules, but not the CAS timings or the voltage.


The top of the heatsink has perforations which add more detail to the design of the RAM modules. There are also two unique elements present at the top of the heatsink, one is a basic hinge that connects the two sides of the heatsink. The other element is a bent piece of metal that keeps the two pieces of the heatsink from moving from inwards.


Once both parts of the heatsink are removed, we can see that the IRDM X modules have the memory chips on one side only. In addition, the memory chips used have little to no information available, based on the printed serial number.

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