Fractal Design Celsius+ S24 Prisma

Visual inspection

The Celsius+ S24 Prisma is part of the brand new AIO liquid CPU cooler series from Fractal Design. The name S24 comes from the usage of a 240mm radiator while the Prisma name is a reference to the two A-RGB fans which are part of the Prisma product line.
The cooler uses the standard Asetek internal design, with a pump that has two operation modes: PWM and AUTO. In addition, the cooler features a preinstalled fan and RGB hub installed on the radiator.

The Celsius+ is available in different versions depending on the radiator size, these are: 240, 280 and 360mm.


The CPU Block has a minimalist design, with a reflective plastic cover placed on the top and a matte finish on the body. The dimensions of the block are: 45 x 86 x 75 mm, including the fittings. The top part of the block can be rotated, and serves as the main method of alternating between the PWM and AUTO operating modes of the pump.


On the side of the pump there is a 3-pin socket which connects the pump to an A-RGB header on the motherboard. In addition, the pump serves as a passthrough for both the power and A-RGB signal for the two included fans.


The pump has a minimum speed of 800 RPM and a maximum speed of 2800 RPM. One additional speed is available reaching 3500 RPM, this happens automatically during thermal protection mode. The power for the pump is transmitted through a single 4 Pin connector, which has a short-sleeved cable.


The used fittings on the water block end of the system are made out of plastic and are right angled. Both fittings can swivel and allow for easy movement and adjustment of the tubes once the cooler is installed.


The baseplate is made from copper and has a linear brushed texture. It is attached to the pump assembly with eight screws.


The tubes of the Celsius+ S24 Prisma have a length of 400mm and are covered by sleeving. In addition to protecting the outer layer of the tubes, the sleeving is also used to route the cables going from the water block to the fan hub on the radiator. This method of hiding cables is useful, especially when there are RGB elements present on the cooler.


The radiator of the cooler is simple in design, and has the dimensions: 122 x 31 x 284 mm. Both the body and the fins of this radiator are made from aluminum, while the fittings are manufactured out of plastic.


In between the tubes of the cooler, there is installed a small hub for powering the fans and their RGB LEDs. This hub has a total of four fan headers and two A-RGB headers available.


The two fans used on the Celsius+ S24 Prisma are 120mm in size and are the model Prisma Al-12 PWM. These fans have a minimums rotational speed of 500 RPM and a maximum speed of 2000 RPM. Fortunately, both fans can be controlled through PWM.


The Prisma Al-12 PWM use rubber pads on the sides of the corners to prevent any vibration from being passed on into the system. The white impellers and the white ring mounted on the front help with the evenness of the color and light of the LEDs.

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