Dream Machines DM5 Blink


Removing the shell of the mouse is done in by removing the four screws found behind the Teflon made feet. Then the case of the mouse can be removed from above.


The two side buttons are often expected to perform poorly, thanks to their position, however, they do not. This is due to the usage of Huano switches and a separate PCB on the upper part of the mouse.


The cable is attached to the PCB through a single 4 Pin plastic connector. This means that the cable itself can be replaced or modified with ease.


The software of the DM5 Blink is very good, not only is it easy to use but also requires little resources from the system. In addition, this software does NOT require an always online internet connection or an e-mail account to login and use it.

The main page of the software allows for customization of the mouse RGB illumination and changing the function of the buttons. A dedicated Macro editor can be accessed which allows for in-depth remapping of the buttons.


The RGB elements used on the DM5 Blink are found on the scroll wheel, at the back within the Dream Machines logo and on both sides of the mouse. The latter RGB elements are what sets the DM5 Blink apart from other models.


The performance testing is done using the Mouse Tester software and also a basic MS Paint draw test. Additional testing is done by using the reviewed mouse as the daily mouse, for more than a few weeks. The last part of the test is focusing on the gaming performance of the mouse, using the following games:

– Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
– Grand Theft Auto V
– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
– Shadow of the Tomb Raider
– Metro Exodus
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
– Cyberpunk 2077


The MS paint test is done at different DPI settings; this will indicate any issues with the tracking of the sensor. As you can see, everything works as expected within those DPI values, albeit working with the mouse set at 16.000 DPI can be tricky.


The Mouse Tester software is used to test the performance of the sensor in different situations. Using the Velocity test, we can see the tracking performance of the sensor based on the speed the mouse moves on a surface, the lower the spread the better the tracking is.


Final thoughts

The Dream Machines DM5 Blink is as good gaming mouse which has a great shape and optical sensor. The DM5 Blink is also equipped with plenty of RGB LEDs and can be used without even installing its software. The mouse featured in review is the second revision of the DM5 Blink, which has a better build quality.

Other features found on this mouse include a sniper button and dedicated hardware level buttons for the RGB LEDs, the polling rate and the preinstalled DPI profiles. In addition, the lower part of the mouse is covered by a soft rubber texture to increase the grip.

The main switches used on this mouse are very good, all are made by Huano and are the blue shell models, with a lifespan of over 20 mil clicks. The side buttons are good, especially when compared with the side buttons found on the first revision of the DM5 Blink.

The performance of the mouse is very good, the optical sensor has good tracking on most surfaces. In addition, the shape of the mouse allows for usage of different style grips.

The drawbacks of this mouse are down to the coating applied on the top of the mouse, which is prone to fingerprints and stains. Also, the left side of the mouse could have offered a better support for the thumb.

In conclusion, the Dream Machines DM5 Blink is as good budget mouse that performs even better than it looks. There are plenty of RGB LEDs and the used optical sensor is one of the best around. With a price of around 40 USD or EUR, the DM5 Blink is a good choice for the casual gamer.

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