Dream Machines DM5 Blink

Visual inspection

The DM5 Blink has a right-handed ergonomic shape that is similar with that of the Razer Basilisk. The shape of the mouse can work with all styles of grip, especially the palm grip thanks to the way the top and front of the mouse are shaped. The DM5 Blink has a matte surface on the top with a soft rubber coating applied on the sides, this not only prevents fingerprints and stains but also increases the grip.
The mouse used in this review is the V2 revision of the DM5 Blink. A product update which brings a better build quality and no accessories.


The main click buttons use the Huano Blue with white stem switches. These have a life span of around 20 million clicks and offer a good tactile and sound feedback.


The scroll wheel is made out of two parts; the lower part is plastic with a white matte tint. This is done to not only diffuse the light and color of the LEDs but also to add more variety to the design of the mouse. The top & middle part of the scroll wheel is covered by a rubber strip which also has an arrow/chevron type pattern applied to it.


The switch used for the middle scroll wheel click is also a Huano made switch. This one is the model with a black case and green stem. The switch requires a good amount of force to register the click, however it also offers a great tactile feedback.


Above the scroll wheel and in the center of the mouse, there are two buttons. These buttons, as is the case with many gaming mice, cycle through the preinstalled DPI and LED color profiles. The preinstalled profiles offer the following DPI values: 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 4800, and 16,000 DPI, also these can be customized using the software of the mouse.


The left side of the mouse is housing one of the main features of the DM5 Blink, the sniper button. This button is pretty simple in terms of its functionality, when pressed, the DPI of the mouse is temporarily lowered. A lower DPI allows for more precision, especially in FPS type games.


On the left upper side of the mouse, there are two wide buttons which are also covered by a similar matte texture as the rest of the mouse. These buttons are the standard forwards and backwards buttons.


The right side of the DM5 Blink is simple with no buttons or unusual shapes. The grip on this side of the mouse is average at best, thanks to an almost flat shape. The only redeeming feature here are the rubber strips which do add some grip.


The back side of the mouse is also simple, here the Dream Machine logo is integrated into the shell of the mouse. In addition, the logo is illuminated in tandem with the rest of the RGB elements found on the DM5 Blink.


The underside of the DM5 Blink features three Teflon made feet/skates. Two small feet at the back of the mouse and a single wide one at the front. At the center of the mouse, on the sides of the optical sensor there are two switches. The left switch turns on or off the RGB LEDs of the mouse, while the right switch changes the polling rate of the sensor.


The cable used on the DM5 Blink is covered by a soft textile shoelace sleeving and has a length of around 1.8meters. In addition, the USB connector is gold plated for increased reliability and unfortunately, there is no protective cap used here.

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