Crucial Ballistix MAX DDR4-4000MHz CL18 32GB

Visual inspection

The Ballistix Gaming MAX is part of the new high end DDR4 memory lineup from Ballistix. The design of this RAM kit is centered around the performance of the RAM modules, and features a matte black finish and no flashy graphics or shapes.

The design of this RAM kit is elegant, with only the product name and the manufacturer’s logo painted on the heatsink surface. The matte black finish is the same shade as the one used by the PCB, in addition, there is no plastic used in the construction of the heatsink.

The kit featured in this review has the model number: BLM2K16G40C18U4B and is running at a frequency of 4000MHz from the factory. This kit also has a total capacity of 32GB, and will run in Dual Channel mode.


The RAM module has a total height of approximately 38.5mm, while its weight is at around 43 grams. The Ballistix Max has a low profile heatsink design, which has as its main advantage, the increased compatibility with bigger CPU coolers.


The top of the heatsink is made out of metal just like the rest of the heatsink. However, in the case of the Ballistix Max, the top of the hetasink can be removed to lower the overall height of the RAM module.
In order for the top panel to be removed, the two plastic studs located on the upper corners of the RAM module, must be removed. With the studs out of the way, the top of the heatsink will slide out.


The center of the RAM stick features the Ballistix Max logo. On the lower side the manufacturer’s emblems are painted in a smaller font.


The paper label which contains the important information of the RAM module is placed on the center of the heatsink, and only on one side of the RAM module. This paper label has an inverted design to better match the matte black finish of the heatsink. The label presents the model number, timings, capacity and voltage.


Separating the heatsink from the RAM module is simple, as both sides of the heatsink are attached to the PCB by self-adhesive thermal pads. As always, before removal, it is recommended that the sides of the heatsink are slightly warm so that the adhesive is easier to remove.


The Ballistix MAX has a single side PCB design, which means that the memory chips are installed on one side of the PCB. The memory chips used with this RAM kit have the model number: C9BLH.

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