Crucial Ballistix Gaming DDR4 CL16 3600MHz 32GB

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The Ballistix Gaming RGB is part of the new series of RAM kits which are a direct replacement for the older Ballistix Sport, Tactical, and the high end Ballistix Elite series. The kit featured in this review has a frequency of 3600MHz and a total capacity of 32GB. The model number of the kit is: BL2k16G36C16U4WL.
The design of the Ballistix Gaming RGB is minimalist, as the graphics and stickers are kept to a minimum. The RAM module uses a low profile heatsink, which is made from metal and has a matte texture. The Ballistix Gaming RGB is available in three different colors: black, white and red.


The memory module has a height of approximately 38mm, while the weight of the module is around 40 grams. The low profile heatsink design allows for the usage of this RAM kit with larger air CPU coolers, especially those that cover the RAM slots of the motherboard.


The top of the heatsink is made out of plastic and has a white matte texture, which allows the light from the RGB LEDs to pass through. The semi-transparent plastic also works as a diffuser for the LEDs, it not only helps spread the light evenly but also blends the colors of each LED. In addition, the Ballistix logo is placed on the center of the plastic diffuser.


The center of the heatsink has the Ballistix logo, while the manufacturer’s emblems are present on the lower side of the heatsink, and only on one side.


The paper label applied on one side of the heatsink contains the important information of the RAM module. This includes the timings and operating voltage, alongside the model and serial number, plus an additional QR code.


Separating the heatsink from the RAM stick is simple, as the heatsink is attached with the help of a thin self-adhesive thermal pad. Before removal, it is recommended that the RAM module is warmed up, to soften the adhesive.


The Ballistix Gaming RGB has a double side PCB design, with the memory chips placed on both sides of the all black PCB. The memory chips used with this RAM kit have the model number: C9BKV.

These are newer Micron made memory chips which have from the factory, better timings and a bigger overall overclocking potential.


A smaller chip is placed on the side of the PCB; this chip is in fact a micro controller which has total control over the RGB LEDs of the RAM module. This controller is manufactured by ENE Technology, and has the model number: 6K5830UA0.

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    1. I never said that it was great, I said that it was reachable. I also said that it is recommended to tweak the timings and have the best possible combination of low timings and high frequency. That overclock is only done to show the potential of the RAM kit.

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