SilentiumPC Navis 240 RGB


Visual inspection

The SilentiumPC Navis 240 RGB is an All-In-One CPU Cooler which is available in three different variants, depending on the radiator size: 120, 240, 280 and 360mm. The unit featured in this review uses an aluminum made 240mm radiator with the dimensions: 310 x 140 x 28 mm.
The design of the Navis 240 RGB is built around the integrated RGB system which is compatible with most if not all the motherboard RGB systems.



The CPU Block and pump assembly is compact with a height of 45mm and a width of 75mm. The RGB illuminated elements are the top plastic plate which features a line pattern as well as the manufacturer’s logo. The white frame that surrounds the block is also illuminated with the same RGB system.
The pump is powered by a single SATA connector while the RGB system has two 4Pin connectors.


The base plate of the Navis 240 is made out of copper and has the dimensions: 58 x 52.5mm. The plate is attached to the pump assembly by 12 metal screws that have a square head drive. The copper surface is straight but doesn’t have an even finish, thus marks and discoloration can be seen from the manufacturing process.


The cooler uses two 380mm long tubes that are made out of hard rubber. These tubes use plastic fittings on both ends and can’t be removed. However, the fittings attached to the CPU block can rotate.


The radiator used is the standard aluminum radiator present in many All-In-One CPU Coolers. The dimensions of the radiator are: 310 x 140 x 28 mm. The fins inside the radiator are soft and can be easily bent during the installation process.

One feature of this radiator that is not present on other CPU coolers is the usage of a fill and drain port, located on the same side as the two tubes. This connector is made out of plastic and has a label pre-applied reading “Please don’t tear”. We can expect that the removal of this sticker will void the warranty of the whole unit.


The two fans used with the Navis 240 RGB are called Sigma HP RGB 120 PWM, with the following dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm. These fans have a minimum speed of 800RPM and a maximum speed of 2300RPM. This fan model uses a standard 4-Pin Molex connector for power and speed adjustment, and also features two 4Pin RGB connectors and splitters.

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