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1. Introduction

Scythe Co., Ltd, began its operation and business in November 2002 as a distributor and a manufacturer of passive and low-noise PC components. Since then, Scythe is recognized for their excellent & affordable products.



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2. Packaging and accessories

The Fuma model is packaged in a black box with silver & blue accents.
On the front side of the packaging we find an abstract representation of the cooler. Below there are printed the name of the product and the compatible sockets. The manufacturer’s logo is placed on the upper left corner.


The sides of the box present the features & specifications of the product using a diagram.

img_2902 img_2903

The back side of the packaging presents the warranty policy in 3 different languages.



The product comes with the following accessories:
–    1x Manual
–    2x KAZE Jyuni 120mm
–    6x Fan Clips
–    1x Mounting bar
–    1x Y-Splitter
–    2x Screws Large
–    4x Screws Small
–    1x Mounting Plate
–    1x Back plate
–    4x Stud Nuts A
–    4x Stud Nuts B
–    4x Washers
–    1x Rubber spacer for LGA 775
–    1x Thermal Compound
–    1x Metallic Wrench



3. Specifications

Model Name: FUMA
Model Number: SCFM-1000
Socket Compatibility:
Intel: LGA775, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011 / 2011-v3 (Square ILM)
AMD: Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+
Overall Dimensions: 137 x 149 x 130 mm
Baseplate Material: Nickel-plated copper
Weight (heatsink only): 920 g
Model Name: Slip Stream 120 PWM
Modell-No.: SY1225SL12M-CJP
Fan Size: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Noise Level: 13.0 ~ 28.0 dBA
Air Flow: 5.6 ~ 79.0 CFM
Fan Speed: 300 (±300 rpm) ~ 1.400 rpm (±10%) (PWM-controlled)
Static Pressure: 0.01 ~ 1.56 mmH²O
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
Voltage / Amperage: 12V / 0.20A


Twin-Tower-Design: Fuma is made of two towers connected via six heatpipes to the baseplate. The twin-tower structure prevents mutual heating of the heatpipes while enhancing heat dissipation to the fins. Combined with further improvements, cooling performance increases, whereas compact dimensions are maintained. Fuma is predestined for ultra-quiet cooling but is an ideal overclocking cooler as well – at a very reasonable price.
Compact height without loss of cooling performance: With its height of only 149 mm Fuma is lower than other high-end coolers currently available. This way, conflicts with side panels are avoided – even with smaller PC cases.
Flexible Fan mounting: It is designed for the use of up to three fans*. If two fans are used, flexible fan positioning is possible. In this way, Fuma adopts perfectly to the case airflow. Furthermore, flexible fan mounting increases compatibility – conflicts with memory modules will be avoided.
Equipped with reliable Slip Stream Series fans: Included with Fuma are two Slip Stream fans, a series valued by its’ customers for many years. It is characterized by its’ small fan hub enhancing the air flow. The PWM-range, adjusted to meet Fuma’s requirements, offers the best possible combination of noise level, cooling efficiency and durability.


4. Visual inspection

The cooler uses a Dual Tower design, it is made out of nickel plated copper and aluminum. The cooler has a height of only 149mm, being compatible with most ATX and mATX cases, also it has a weight of 920g. The Fuma model is accompanied by two 120mm fans from the Slip Stream line. img_2930img_2905img_2906img_2928img_2926


The heatsinks use 47 fins each, these are made out of aluminum. Also they are mounted in a zig zag pattern for a better airflow & cooling and their edges have an angular design.

img_2911 img_2913 img_2917 img_2919


The Fuma model uses 6 heatpipes made out of Nickel-plated copper, each with a diameter of 6mm. These are arranged in a U shape to facilitate the heat dissipation, also these make contact with both heatsinks (towers) of the cooler.



The base of the cooler is made out of nickel-plated copper. The base is brushed to a mirror-like finish. The back side of it is engraved to facilitate the mounting system of the cooler.



The top of the cooler is brushed to a reflective look. Here there are the ends of the heatpipes.

img_2909 img_2910


The two fans of the cooler are part of the Slip Stream series, these are model SY1225SL12M-CJP and have a minimum speed of 300RPM and maximum of 1400RPM. Also this model features PWM.
The cables of the fans are covered entirely by black sleeving, these are using a 4 Pin Molex Connector.

img_2931 img_2932img_2935img_2937img_2938img_2940img_2942


5. Testing

The following system was used to test the cooler:
–    Processor: Intel i5 4690K @ 3.9 GHz and overclocked to 4.5 GHz
–    Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 9 ACK
–    RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB DDR3 @ 2133MHz
–    GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 Armor 2X 4G
–    SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
–    HDD: WD Blue 1TB / Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB
–    PSU: Antec Edge 550W Gold
    Display: AOC i2769VM
–    Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe White
–    Thermal compound: Arctic Cooling MX-4


img_3184 img_3188
Software used for testing the cooler:
–    AIDA64 Extreme Version: 5.80.4000 (Oct 25, 2016)
–    Intel Burn Test v2.54
–    Prime95 28.5

The cooler was tested with the CPU at the default turbo frequency of 3.9 GHz and overclocked to 4.5 GHz with a core voltage of 1.187 V.
Also the included fans have been used at their maximum speed.
The room temperature was approximately 26°C (78°F), with 2°C margin of error.
The idle test consists of the CPU sitting idle at the desktop for 30 minutes, the temperature was measured at the end of the test.
The settings of the software used are the following:
Intel Burn Test v2.54 – Stress level: Maximum
Prime95 28.5 – small FFT
AIDA64 Extreme Version – Temperature monitoring.
Each test was conducted for 40 minutes.

The test results are as follows:



Full Loadfull_load

The noise level was measured at three different distances from the fans (10cm, 20cm, 30cm.) the noise was measured with a margin of error of ± 5 db.



The space between the DIMM slots and the front fan is approximately 38mm.



6. Final thoughts

The Fuma model is among the best CPU coolers due to its performance-silence ratio. The build of the cooler is very good and the used materials are of high quality. Although it is equipped with two 120mm fans, the cooler is silent even under heavy loads.
The installation process is relatively easy due to the efficient mounting system and easy to read manual.
The only drawback is the fact that the front fan of the cooler covers the RAM slots, also the space between the fan and the memory slots is approximately 38mm which allows access to RAM modules that use normal size heatsinks.
In conclusion, the Scythe Fuma cooler is a good choice due to its performance and silence. The build quality is very good and the accesorry bundle is rich offering an extra fan clips for a third fan. Also the cooler is easy to install thanks to its efficient mounting mechanism.

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