Fractal Design Prisma AL-12 PWM

Visual inspection

The Prisma AL-12 PWM has a minimalist design, which is characteristic of Fractal Design. The fan has a dual tone color scheme, with addressable RGB LED integration and complete PWM compatibility.
The fan is advertised as suitable for both case and heatsink usage, thanks to its impeller design and rotational speed, ranging from 500RPM upwards of 2000RPM.
The Prisma AL-12 PWM is available in either a single or triple pack variants. The fan has the standard dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm.


The Prisma AL-12 PWM has a total of 7 impellers made from hard plastic. The wide shape of the impellers is ideal for increased static pressure, however the space in between the impellers allows for airflow to be generated. This ties in into the idea that the Prisma AL-12 PWM is a fan that is suited for both high static pressure and airflow usage.


The gap between the tip of the impellers and the inner side of the frame is reduced. This feature is starting to become to norm in the case of high-end fans. The idea behind this is that the smaller the gap, the fan will have less airflow and static pressure leakage when operating, especially in tight spaces such as radiators or heatsinks


The Prisma AL-12 PWM uses an LLS (Long Life Sleeve) type bearing system. While it is not a system that is found in many fans, it has been used before with the Fractal Design GP fans. In addition, the advertised life span of these fans is around 100,000 hours.


The frame has rubber pads on both sides of each of the four corners. This is done to provide a good base for the fan to sit on, especially in the case of heatsinks and radiators. In addition, the rubber pads will prevent any vibrations from being passed on into the system.


The back of the fan uses four plastic beams to hold the hub and motor assembly at the center of the fan. The back of the hub is covered by a label which contains the model number, operating voltage and the maximum RPM of the fan.


The Prisma AL-12 PWM uses two sets of connectors, a single 4-Pin connector for powering the fan, and two 3-Pin connectors for the RGB system. The two RGB connectors can both connect and pass through the RGB signal to a different fan. This means, that three Prisma fans can use a single motherboard RGB header.
The cables of the fan are covered by high quality sleeving, which is flexible.

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