AZZA Hurricane II Digital RGB


Visual inspection

The Hurricane II Digital RGB fans use the new RGB addressable LED system, that allows for more customization options and a wider array of color combinations. The second version of the Hurricane model, uses a Hydro Bearing system that offers an increased lifespan. The improvement in terms of RGB comes from a circular ring placed over the frame that enhances the overall lightning.

The fan uses seven white blades attached to a simple plastic hub assembly. The overall design of the blade and hub is simple, the matte white plastic reflects the light and color of the LEDs evenly. In addition, the front of the motor is covered by a holographic sticker that will change its color depending on the position. Unfortunately, this sticker is not centered and will produce a wobbling effect when the fan spins.


The back of the fan frame uses four plastic beams to hold the rotor and bearing assembly. Each of the beams has four small wires installed on the back, these are for powering and controlling the addressable LEDs of the fan. The back stickers only display the AZZA logo and the name of the fan, it makes no mention of the bearing system used.


The frame of the fan is composed out of two circular layers that are superimposed. The outer layer is transparent while the inner layer has the same matte white finish as the blades. The main goal of this design is to create a circle of light that blends with the blades of the fan and enhances the RGB lighting.


The edge of the frame is not finished completely, round indents from the injection mold and the manufacturing process are present around the entire frame edge.


The corners of the fan are covered in rubber to prevent any vibrations from being transferred to the rest of the system. However, these rubber pads are only present on the back side of the fan, the front plastic is exposed.


The fan has two sets of connectors, a standard 4Pin Molex connector for the power and one 3Pin RGB addressable connector and header splitter. The cables of this fan are not covered by sleeving but are completely black.

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