Arctic BioniX F120

Visual inspection

The BioniX F120 and F140 fans share the same design and Fluid Dynamic Bearing system. The BioniX F fan series is recommended to be used as case fans, thanks to the design and number of the blades. The main difference between the two models is their size, speed and weight. Both fans are available in four different colors: Red, Green, White and Yellow and have a warranty of 10 years.


The fan uses 9 blades with a design that is optimized for airflow and low noise operation. The space between the blades is indicative of the purpose of the fan, as narrow blades are generating more airflow while wider blades generate more static pressure. The center of the blade hub features a solid Arctic emblem applied at the center, this badge is centered and will not wobble when the fan is spinning.


The frame is equipped with hard rubber pads on both sides of all four corners. These pads are integrated in the design of the fan and are not removable. The purpose of these pads is to prevent any vibrations generated by the fan to be resonated into the rest of the system.


The back of the fan is simple with four plastic beams holding the blade and motor assembly at the center of the frame. While other manufacturers will usually apply a label with various technical specifications on the back of the motor hub, Arctic choose to engrave into the plastic the model of the fan and the specifications.


The BioniX F120 and F140 fans use a 4Pin Molex connector which is PWM capable and also feature an integrated Y splitter for powering an additional fan. The purpose of the integrated splitter is the usage of a single PWM signal from the motherboard by two fans, in short terms, one cable used by two fans. The cable is sleeved with rubber sleeving right to the end of the connector, however the wires on the back of the frame are not sleeved or black.

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