Silverstone Sugo SG11



1. Introduction

Founded in 2003, SilverStone is an established leader in the IT field distinguishing itself through exceptional quality of their products and through their elegant and innovative design. Since 2003, SilverStone expanded its line of products offering customers a wide selection of products, from power supplies, fans and cooling solutions to cases and mounting systems for monitors and TV’s. All with a stylish look characteristic of SilverStone.



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2. Packaging and accessories

The case is packaged in a multicolored cardboard box with a white background and blue accents.
On the front and back sides of the box there is printed a frontal image of the case, the name & logo of the manufacturer. In the middle there is placed the model of the product while lower there are listed some of the product’s features.

img_3085 img_3086

The sides of the packaging present the specifications of the case and the description of the Sugo line of cases.

img_3087 img_3088

The case is packaged in soft foam which absorbs better the shocks, much better than the classic rigid foam.



The product comes with the following accessories:
–    1x Manual
–    4x Zip ties
–    2x Adhesive strips
–    2x Adhesive cable ties
–    1x CD button & door sponge
–    1x Extra motherboard standoff
–    3x Standard ATX screws (PSU)
–    3.5” HDD screws
–    2.5” SSD/HDD screws



3. Specifications

Name: Sugo SG11
Model: SST-SG11B (black)
Colors available: Black
Materials: ABS & Acrylic front panel, steel body
Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Weight: 4.45kg
Dimensions: 270 mm (W) x 212 mm (H) x 393 mm (D), 22.5 liters
Expansion & Drive Bays:
–    4x expansion slots
–    9x – 2.5″ dedicated SSD/HDD unit positions
–    3x – 3.5″ HDD positions (can also accommodate 2.5″ units);
Front I/O:
–    2x USB 3.0
–    Audio in/out
–    Power button
–    Reset button
Cooling System:
–    Rear: 1x – 80 mm fan slot
–    Top: 1x – 80 mm fan slot
–    Side: 1x – 120mm fan
–    CPU coolers up to 82mm in height
–     Graphic cards with a length up to 368mm


Supports graphics cards of any length
Ample space for CPU cooling (82mm in height)
Micro ATX motherboard & ATX PSU compatible
Cleanly styled SFF chassis with modernized layout
Amazing capacity for 2.5” drives


4. Visual inspection

The Sugo line was launched in 2005 being a standard for mATX and mini-ITX cases.
The case has a simple & functional design. The main features of the SG11 model are its 22.5 liters capacity and the support for mATX motherboards. The case is elongated in order to accommodate long graphics cards and a standard ATX size power supply.



The front side of the case is made out of plastic, with an elegant design, the texture is similar with that of brushed metal, on the top part there is a mirror –like strip.
On the reflective strip, on the left there is applied the manufacturer’s logo.

img_3093 img_3096 img_3099


The Power and Reset buttons are placed at the top side of the case, on the left there is the I/O panel which features two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks, these are protected by a rubber cover.

img_3102 img_3103 img_3104 img_3105


The back side features 4 expansion slots, these are protected by a metallic cover mounted on the chassis with two screws. On the left side there is the space for the Power supply.

img_3109 img_3110 img_3111


The inferior side of the case features four plastic & rubber feet, these are chromed on the sides.

img_3113 img_3114


The side panels are simple and solid offering sufficient space for proper system ventilation, both panels being perforated on their entire length.

img_3106 img_3107 img_3108


Like the side panels, the top side of the case is metallic and features perforations on the right side, for two 80mm fans. Also the side panels & the top panel are designed in one piece as a cover for the chassis, this cover is being held in place by 3 screws.

img_3112 img_3118 img_3120


The SG11 chassis has a roomy interior which can accommodate mATX motherboard, a standard ATX power supply and a graphics card with a maximum length of 368mm.

img_3125 img_3126 img_3127


On the top right side there is mounted a metallic bracket which offers the possibility of mounting two 80mm fans, also it is detachable being fixed on the chassis with the help of 5 screws. Also on this bracket there is mounted an additional bay which can hold up to 7 2.5” storage units.

img_3140 img_3141 img_3142img_3167


Suspended SSD Bracket

img_3163 img_3164


On the left side there is the main storage bay which can hold up to four 3.5” storage units or four 2.5” SSDs. These are mounted inside the bay using metallic screws.

img_3136 img_3139


The active cooling of the storage bay is ensured by the preinstalled 120mm fan, model APA1225L, it has a maximum speed of 1200RPM.




The case can accommodate CPU coolers that are up to 82mm tall and graphics cards up to 368mm in length.



The cables of the chassis connectors are all black for an easier match with the rest of the cables.



5. Testing

The following system was used to test the chassis:
–    CPU: Intel Celeron J1800M
–    Motherboard: Biostar J1800NH2
–    RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL11
–    GPU: BFG 9800GTX / Intel HD Graphics
–    SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
–    HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB
–    PSU: In Win Power Man 750W
–    CPU Cooler: Stock heatsink

img_3170 img_3171 img_3172


The SG11 model can hold graphics cards with a length of maximum 368mm if the suspended SSD bracket is not used. If used, the maximum graphics card length depends on the number of 2.5” storage units used.

img_3165 img_3166


Above the main storage bay there is installed a 5.25” drive bay, above it there is a metallic plate which can hold two 2.5” storage units.



On the main storage bay the 3.5” storage units are mounted using the metallic plates and 4 screws, these glide on the black plastic rails mounted on the sides. These metallic plates can also hold 2.5” storage units.

img_3155 img_3158 img_3159 img_3160 img_3162


The power supply is mounted above the motherboard, the case can house a standard ATX power supply however the size of the power supply will affect the wire management, especially in the case of a non-modular PSU.

img_3131 img_3169


The noise level for the included 120mm fan included with the chassis was measured at three different distances from the fans (10cm, 20cm, 30cm.) the noise was measured with a margin of error of ± 5 db.



6. Final thoughts

The main features of the Sugo SG11 model are the possibility of installing a mATX motherboard, a standard Power Supply and the spaces for storage units, the case has a total of 12 storage units slots and can house a graphics card with a length of maximum 368mm depending on the usage of the suspended storage bracket. The included 120mm fan is silent and the chassis allows for installation of two additional 80mm fans in order to improve the active cooling of the graphics card. Also the perforations on the side panels improve the passive cooling of the system.
Due to the Power Supply position, the case allows the usage of a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 82mm.

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