be quiet! Shadow Rock TF 2

Visual inspection

The Shadow Rock TF 2 has a simple and functional top down flow design. There are no additional design elements present, such as a colored coating or plastic shroud. The main feature of this cooler is the top down flow design which pushes the airflow of the cooler on the VRM components of the motherboard
The dimensions of the heatsink are: (L)137mm x (W)165mm x (H)112mm.


The heatsink has a simple shape, with an additional fin stack making direct contact with the base and the underside of the heatsink. The cooler has a total of 57 aluminum made cooling fins, while the lower fin stack has a total of 18 cooling fins.
The total weight of the cooler with the fan installed is 680g.


The Shadow Rock TF 2 uses a total of five copper made heatpipes, each with the standard outer diameter of 6mm. These heatpipes are arranged in a classic C shape, making contact with both the baseplate of the cooler and the heatsink itself.


The endings of the heatpipes are protected by solid aluminum round caps at the front of the heatsink. This not only offers a good protection for the heatpipes but also offers a pleasing look for the cooler, especially since most heatpipe endings are not symmetrical.


The front of the heatsink is covered by an aluminum plate, which features a linear brushed texture. Here the be quiet! logo is embossed at the center of the plate, right in between the heatpipes endings. This plate is attached to the heatsink with the help of two hexagonal screws.


The base of the Shadow Rock TF 2 is made from nickel-plated copper and has a layer of thermal compound pre-applied from the factory. In addition, the heatpipes make direct contact with the baseplate through the underside.


The cooler uses a single 135mm fas for the active cooling. The fan is part of the Silent Wings 3 series, the exact model number is: BQ SIW3-13525-MR-PWM.

The fan has a maximum speed of 1400RPM and an estimated minimum speed of 300RPM. In addition, this fan uses a 6-POLE FAN MOTOR with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing system.

The cable of the fan is all black however the wires are not covered by any sleeving. The connector used for power is a standard 4 Pin.


At the back of the fan, the edge of the fan frame is covered by a soft ring made out of rubber. This is done to not only prevent the fan from scratching the heatsink or vice versa, but also to dampen any vibrations that might occur when the fan is spinning on the heatsink.

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