be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim

Visual inspection

The Shadow Rock Slim has a minimalist design which combines two colors, black and silver. The cooler has a single tower heatsink design and uses a single 135mm be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fan for the active cooling. The materials used in the construction of the cooler are aluminum, copper and nickel-plated copper, in addition to the plastic of the fan.
The dimensions of the heatsink are: (L) 74mm x (W)137mm x (D)161mm.


The heatsink has a symmetrical single tower design, with several key design elements installed. The cooling fins are made from aluminum and the heatsink has around 55 fins installed.
The total weight of the heatsink without the fan or mounting system installed is around 593g.


The Shadow Rock Slim has a total of four copper made heatpipes, as is the standard, each heatpipe has an outer diameter of 4mm. In addition, these heatpipes are arranged in a U shape to not only make contact with each cooling fin, but also to provide a better structure for the fan and fins to sit on.


The endings of the heatpipes are covered by metallic caps, which have the same brushed texture as the rest of the top plate of the cooler. Covering the endings of the heatpipes is a nice touch, because most of the time the endings of the heatpipes are not symmetrical.


The base of the Shadow Rock Slim is made from nickel-plated copper and has a smooth surface with a mirror like reflection. In addition, there are subtle circular marks left from the manufacturing process.


The top of the heatsink is covered by a plate that serves only a cosmetic purpose. This plate has a linear brushed texture and the be quiet! logo etched into its surface. This plate can be removed but it is not recommended as it will only disrupt the design of the heatsink.


The back side of the heatsink has a cutout in all the cooling fins. This is most likely done to optimize the airflow that exists the heatsink and allow easy access to the mounting system.


The Shadow Rock Slim uses a single 135mm fan for the active cooling. This fan is the Silent Wings 3 model, with the exact model number: BQ SIW3-13525-MR-PWM.

The fan has a maximum speed of 1400RPM and an estimated minimum speed of 300RPM. In addition, the fan uses a 6-POLE FAN MOTOR with a Rifle Bearing system.

The cable of the fan is all black and it is not covered by sleeving, the connector used for power is a standard 4 Pin.

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