be quiet! Shadow Rock LP

Visual inspection

The Shadow Rock LP has a simple design with a silver and black color combination. The main two features of this cooler are: the low-profile format, with a height of just 75.4mm and the top flow design of the heatsink. In addition, the dual stack heatsink design is unique especially at this price point.
The dimensions of the heatsink are: 134 mm x 122 mm x 75.4 mm.


The heatsink has no coating applied on its surface, instead, the aluminum and copper surfaces are exposed. This was done to lower the overall price of the cooler and also make it different than the Dark Rock coolers.
The Shadow Rock LP has a dual stack heatsink design, with approximately 54 aluminum cooling fins used on the main heatsink and approximately 34 aluminum fins used on the bottom heatsink.
The total weight of the cooler with the fan installed is 395g.


The Shadow Rock LP uses four copper made heatpies, each has an outer diameter of 6mm. The first two heatpipes are arranged in a classic U-shape, in order to make contact with both stacks of fins. The other two heatpipes only make contact with the main upper heatsink.


The endings of the heatpipes are covered by metallic round caps that blend with the top plate which covers the heatsink. This is a feature that offers no increase in terms of performance; however, it is a nice touch design wise, especially at this price point.


The front of the heatsink is protected by an aluminum plate which features the be quiet! logo embossed in its surface. This aluminum plate combined with the heatpipe ending caps enhance the overall look of the cooler. In addition, this metal plate is attached to the heatsink with by two hexagonal screws.


The base of the Shadow Rock LP is made from nickel-plated copper however, it is not polished to a mirror like finish. In addition, the baseplate is covered by a layer of pre-applied thermal compound.
The contact between the heatpipes and the baseplate of the cooler is made through direct soldering of the two surfaces. This method is widely used as it offers a good thermal transfer and a sturdy bond between two components.


The cooler has a single 120mm fan which is part of the Pure Wings 2 and has a total of 9 impellers with a proprietary airflow-optimized design. The fan has the model number: BQ PUW2-12025-MS-PWM.
The fan has a maximum speed of 1500RPM and an estimated minimum speed of 300RPM. In addition, this fan uses a Rifle Bearing system.
The cable of the fan is all black however the wires are not covered by any sleeving. The connector used for power is a standard 4 Pin.

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