be quiet! Shadow Rock 3

Visual inspection

The Shadow Rock 3 has an elegant design, with a linear brushed texture present on the top plate. While all copper made components are nickel plated and match the aluminum cooling fins.
The cooler has a single tower design, with an asymmetrical format for the heatsink and heatpipes, to provide more clearance to the RAM slots of the motherboard.
The dimensions of the heatsink are: (H)162.96mm x (W)130mm x (D)121.4mm.


The heatsink has an asymmetrical single tower design, with a low fin density. The materials used in the construction of the heatsink are aluminum for the cooling fins and nickel-plated copper for the baseplate and heatpipes.
The total weight of the heatsink without the fan and fan clips is 606g.


The Shadow Rock 3 uses a total of five heatpipes, each has an outer diameter of 6mm. The heatpipes are made from copper and are nickel-plated on around 95% of their surface. The part that is not nickel-plated is the side of each heatpipe which is integrated into the baseplate of the cooler. The endings of the heatpipes are not symmetrical, fortunately, they are covered by the top plate of the cooler.


The base of the cooler is composed out of aluminum and copper. The five heatpipes are integrated into the baseplate, to create a better contact with the surface of the CPU. The surface of the base is smooth and should not affect the evenness of the thermal compound spread.


The cooler uses a total of 30 aluminum made cooling fins to dissipate the heat. These fins have a channel placed towards the back of the heatsink. This is done to allow for easy access of the included screwdriver to the screws of the mounting system.


The top of the Shadow Rock 3 is covered by a metallic plate which has a linear brushed texture and a two-tone paint scheme. This plate is attached to the heatsink with the help of four hexagonal screws. With the removal of this plate, the top of the cooler is exposed.


The Shadow Rock 3 uses a single 120mm fan for the active cooling. The fan is a Shadow Wings 2 PWM model, and has a maximum speed of 1600RPM and a minimum speed of 300RPM.
The Shadow Wings 2 PWM uses a Rifle Bearing system, which has a life span of approximately 80,000 hours. Other features of this fan include rubber pads on the corners of the fan frame, and airflow optimized impellers.
The cable of the fan is all black and it is not covered by sleeving, the connector used for power is a standard 4 Pin.

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