be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 White

Visual inspection

The Shadow Rock 3 White has the same shape of the heatsink and uses the same Silent Wings 2 fan as the regular Shadow Rock 3 cooler. The only difference between the two models is the all-white coating applied on almost every component of the heatsink. In addition, the cooler uses a single tower heatsink design with a slight offset.
The dimensions of the heatsink are: (H)162.96mm x (W)130mm x (D)121.4mm.


The highlight of the heatsink used by the Shadow Rock 3 cooler is the heavy offset of the heatsink itself and the heatpipes. This offset is made to push the entire cooler away from the RAM slots of the motherboard.
The heatsink itself is made from aluminum and copper and has a weight of 606g.


The cooler has a total of five heatpipes made out of copper. These heatpipes have the standard 6mm outer diameter and are made from copper. In contrast with the regular Shadow Rock 3 which had its heatpipes nickel-plated, the White variant has them covered by a matte white coating.


The endings of the heatpipes are not symmetrical but fortunately, they are covered by a top plate that also enhances the design of the cooler.


The baseplate of the Shadow Rock 3 White has a direct touch design. This means that the base itself is composed out of the heatpipes of the cooler and a metal base in between them. This direct touch design is good enough for a mid-range cooler; however, a solid copper base will always deliver a better heat transfer.


The heatsink of the cooler has 30 aluminum made cooling fins that will dissipate the heat. The cooler uses a lower fin density than normal, to allow for more air to pass through the heatsink. This is not done to increase the performance of the cooler, but it will allow the usage of a lower speed fan, and thus, have a lower noise output.


The Shadow Rock 3 White uses a single 120mm fan, which is part of the Shadow Wings 2 series. The fan model is BQ SHW2-12025-MR-PWM and has a maximum speed of 1600 and a minimum speed of 300RPM.

The fan uses a Rifle Bearing system, which has a life span of approximately 80,000 hours. Other features of this fan include rubber pads on the corners of the fan frame, and airflow optimized impellers.

The cable of the fan is all black and it is not covered by sleeving, the connector used for power is a standard 4 Pin.

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