be quiet! Pure Rock 2

Visual inspection

The be quiet! Pure Rock 2 uses a single tower heatsink, which has an offset on the heatpipes to allow for more RAM clearance. The cooler is available in two color variants, the standard aluminum and copper version featured in this review, and an all black version.
The Pure Rock 2 uses a single 120mm fan and has a total weight of 728g with the fan installed. The dimensions of the heatsink are: (H)155mm x (W)121mm x (D)62mm.


The heatsink has a single tower design and uses approximately 54 aluminum made cooling fins and four copper heatpipes. The surface of the top plate has as linear brushed texture, while the rest of the fins are smooth.


The Pure Rock 2 uses a total of four heatpipes, each has an outer diameter of 6mm. The heatpipes are made out of copper and are integrated into the baseplate of the cooler. This method of contact between the baseplate, heatpipes and the surface of the CPU is regarded as being less efficient, than soldering the heatpipes behind the baseplate.


The top of the cooler has an industrial design, with the be quiet! logo painted on the top plate. In addition, the endings of the heatpipes are covered by metal caps, which also have a vertical brushed texture on the side, and a sunburst effect on the top.


The base of the cooler is covered by pre applied thermal compound. A rare sight on an air CPU cooler. Usually, the pre-applied thermal compound is found on AIO liquid CPU coolers.
The base plate itself is composed out of two materials, aluminum, and copper. The copper part is thanks to the direct touch heatpipe design of the cooler.


The aluminum fins are shaped on the edges to improve airflow and to allow for easy access to the mounting screws. The sides of the fins are shaped downwards to increase the overall rigidity of the heatsink. This is also done to add more depth to the design of the cooler.


The Pure Rock 2 uses a single 120mm fan for the active cooling. The fan is a be quiet! Pure Wings 2 model. It has a maximum speed of 1500RPM and a minimum speed of around 300 RPM, the speed can also be controlled through PWM.

The Pure Wings 2 fan uses a Rifle type bearing system which is rated for around 80,000 hours of work.

The cable of the fan is completely black but it is not covered by any sleeving. The connector used for powering the fan is a standard 4 Pin.

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