Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 600W CM

Visual inspection

The Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 600W CM has an elegant design with orange accents present around the fan grill. The active cooling is done by a single 120mm fan, that is a variant of the Silent Wings models. The case of the power supply is reduced in size, having the dimensions: (L x W x D) 160 x 150 x 86(mm).


The sides of the power supply are simple, the Be Quiet! logo is stamped on the left side while the right side has a sticker with the usual power and efficiency specifications.


The back side is minimalist and has the usual honeycomb vent pattern that allows for the air to be exhausted at the back of the system. On the left there are the AC slot and the On/Off switch of the unit, alongside a small Be Quiet! logo.


On the front side of the power supply there are five modular connectors for the cables. The semi-modular configuration includes the main required power cables as non-removable and the additional power cables as modular. These modular cables include the SATA and Molex power connectors as well as the PCIe power cables for the graphics cards.


While other power supplies have the top side covered by the power specification label, the Pure Power 11 moved it to the side. This means a better overall appearance of the power supply once installed, thanks to the all-black design.


The cables of the Pure Power 11 are completely black, the main difference between the modular and the fixed cables lies in the shape. The modular cables are ribbon style flat cables while the fixed cables are only sleeved.


The fan used for the active cooling is made by Be Quiet!, model BQ QF1-12025-MS specifications: 12 V, 0.30 A, 1800 RPM, 120 mm. This model features a rotor that uses a Rifle Bearing system, ideal for a power supply due to its longer life span. This fan has the same blade design as other Silent Wings models to increase the airflow and static pressure.


The Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 600W CM uses a platform developed by FSP, the same platform used on the Raider series of power supplies. The passive cooling is done by three metallic heatsinks.


The filtering starts behind the AC slot, with two Y capacitors and one X capacitor starting the filtering path. Zip ties are used to keep the cables into a small area behind the AC slot.


In the APFC section, a single bulk capacitor is used, manufactured by Teapo with the specifications 420v and 330 uF, rated at 85°C. The APFC converter uses JCS18N50FH MOSFETs manufactured by SINO-MICROELECTRONICS. Alongside all these components we can also see a DM choke.


In the middle of the PCB we find the PWM controller of the unit, manufactured by FSP, model number: FSP6600 IC.


On a vertical PCB close to the AC area of the unit there are two PWM controllers, model number FSP6601. These are the controllers for the minor rail MOSFEts placed on the modular PCB at the front of the power supply.


The electrolytic filtering capacitors used in the Pure Power 11 600W, are manufactured by Teapo and are part of the SC line.

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