Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Visual inspection

The Dark Rock Pro 4 shares the overall appearance with the previous model, the Dark Rock Pro 3, but the similarities end at the design level. The heatsink features a dual tower design and uses 90 Airflow-optimized cooling fins, with 45 fins stacked on each tower. The two fans used with the Dark Rock Pro 4 are part of the Silent Wings 3 series and have different sizes, the front fan is a 120mm model while the middle fan is a 135mm model.


The heatsink has a height of 162.8mm and a width of 136mm with a weight of 1130g. The 90 cooling fins are covered with a black ceramic coating. The shape of the front fins is different than the shape of the back fins, this is done to facilitate the installation of the smaller fan at the front of the cooler.


The Dark Rock Pro 4 uses seven heatpipes, each has an outer diameter of 6mm. The heatpipes are made from copper and are covered in the same black ceramic coating as the fins. These heatpipes are mounted in between the base plate of the cooler and a small heatsink at the top.


The base of the cooler is made from nickel-plated copper and is polished into a circular pattern. The surface is smooth and provides optimal thermal compound spread.


The top of the cooler is covered by a single metallic plate that features a brushed texture. The endings of the heatpipes are covered by metallic caps to match the rest of the design elements of the cooler. Two of the caps are removable, to allow for the included screw to pass through to the base of the cooler.


The two fans of the cooler are part of the Be Quiet! SilentWings series, the 120mm fan model BQ SW3-12025-LF-PWM has a maximum speed of 1500 RPM, also this fan has the PWM function. The cable of the fan is covered entirely by black sleeving, the fan uses a 4-Pin Molex connector.
The 135mm fan, model BQ SW3-13525-LF-PWM has a maximum speed of 1200 RPM, just like the 120mm fan it too features PWM. The cable of the fan is covered by high quality black sleeving and the fan uses a 4-Pin Molex connector and a splitter to power both fans of the cooler.


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