BASN Tempos


The detachable cable and connector system are simple to use as they use no plastic clips or screw mechanism. All you have to do is push the connector into its slot unit it bottoms out. While this works, the two gold plated pins are fragile and prone to bending.


The controls for the remote are standard: one click for pause and play, two clicks for next track and three clicks for previous track. The volume controls are even better, as there are two separate buttons that can be easily differentiated.


In terms of ergonomics, the main issue is in the shape of the earbuds, which have a specific position and way to be used in combination with the cable. The cable endings that connect to the earphones are flexible and will maintain their shape once bent, so most of the weight of the earphones will be taken care of by the cable itself.


The following songs have been used to test the headsets:

– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Soundtrack
– Paradise Walk – Rogue
– Daft Punk Feat Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky
– Paradise Walk – Stranger
– Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)
– Desire – Under Your Spell
– Kokiri Boy – GlobulDub
– Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
– Glass Animals – Toes
– Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
– Mötley Crüe – Kickstart my Heart
– T-Rex – Get It On
– Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady
– Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
– Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son


The sound quality is good with deep bass and great sound isolation. However, having a stronger bass comes with a disadvantage. The high and mid-range frequencies are lacking, and it is evident especially in songs that switch from bass to mid-range frequencies. This can be fixed to some extend with through software, although they should have come from the factory with a bit less bass.


Final thoughts

The BASN Tempos are a pair of In-Ear Monitor earphones that deliver what they promise. A great sound isolation with good sound quality, albeit, a stronger than needed bass.
The fit and finish of these earphones is also very good, with 3D printed resin earphone casings and a detachable cable.
The price is certainly appealing, especially when compared with other noise isolating earphones, that may or may not be as good or offer as many accessories and customization possibilities.

In conclusion, the BASN Tempos are a good pair of earphones, with great sound isolation and good sound quality overall. The accessory bundle is rich and included nine pairs of additional silicone ear tips. The build quality is great and the transparent resin casing offer a different design, compared to classic earphones.

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