BASN Tempos

Visual inspection

The BASN Tempos are a pair of earphones that are designed for noise isolation sound monitoring. The main purpose of such headphones is to be used in loud noise environments such as on music stages or airplane flight. The earphones feature a detachable cable system that is using a simple 2-Pin connector for each earphone.


The earbuds are 3D printed with liquid resin that is then polished and allowed to cure with a translucent texture, thus the internal components being visible. The outer side of each earbud feature a chrome BASN logo that is also elevated.


While other BASN earphones use a MMCX connector, the Tempos use a simple 0.78mm 2-Pin connector. There are no clips to secure the connection, in fact, the only element that holds the wire connected to the earbud is simple friction.


The Left and Right indicators are printed on the case of each earbud, right under the silicone tip. The small font combined with the semi-transparent case make them hard to notice and read under regular, daily circumstances, such as a sunny day. There are also Left and Right indicators placed on the connector end of the cable, and these have to match the indicators on the earbuds to have the earphones work correctly.


The preinstalled and the included earbuds are made from standard soft silicone. The Tempos also come with no less than 9 different pairs of silicone ear tips, with various sizes and styles, including double and triple flange style tips.


The cable of the earphones is following the main design element of the BASN Tempos, as it is semi-transparent, and it reveals the woven gold wires that are inside. While it does not serve any useful purpose, the transparency does add depth to the overall design of the earphones.


The cable uses a standard gold plated 3.5mm Jack that is also right angled.

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