Visual inspection

The BASN Ebon + PRO headphones have a wood construction with chrome inserts on the front part. The earphones feature a detachable system that is using a MMCX connector for each earphone. The weight of the headphones is approximately 15g not counting the cable.


The surface of the headphones maintains the texture and grain of the wood while having a glossy coating. The outer sides of the earphones feature an engraved BASN logo.


The connection used for most of the BASN headphones is achieved through a MMCX connector. This allows for easy removal and replacement of the cable. Both the male and female MMCX Connectors are gold plated and one additional cable is included in the bundle.


The preinstalled earbuds are made from regular soft silicone, the pair is medium in size, with large and small pairs included as well. The installation and removal processes are identical with the rest of the headphones.


The first cable of the BASN Ebon is unique in the sense that it is flat and has one color per side. An inline remote is also present but only on this cable.


The second cable included with the headphones is completely black and woven, it has a total length of 1.2m as the previous cable. The main difference apart from the shape of the wires is the lack of an inline remote.


The Left and Right indicators are not placed on the case of the earphones, these are stamped on the ends of the cables, under the MMCX connector.


Both cables use a standard gold plated 3.5mm Jack for the connection.


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