ASRock RX590 Phantom Gaming U 8G OC


Visual inspection

The design of the ASRock RX 590 Phantom Gaming U OC is identical with other PG RX 590 graphic cards, with one exception: RGB integration. The U variant of the PG RX 590 introduces addressable RGB and full compatibility with the ASRock Polychrome SYNC system. The letter “U” in the name stands as an abbreviation of the word “you” which directs to the customization possibilities of the addressable RGB system. The overall dimensions of the graphic card are: 278mm in length, 126mm in height and a thickness of 42mm.


The active cooling is done by two 90mm fans that also use a 3-Phase Motor Fan with Double Ball Bearings. The passive cooling is achieved by a metal heatsink with a copper core that makes the contact with the graphic chip.


The heatsink is manufactured from metal and a copper core that makes the contact with the graphic core, as previously mentioned. The heat dissipation is achieved by three heatpipes that are running across the length of the heatsink.


The backplate used for this graphic card is identical with the one from the PG RX 590 X OC model. The surface of the plate has a brushed texture and the contact with the back of the graphic card is made through a single square pad over the GPU core.


The Power is delivered through a single 8-Pin power connector, as is the standard, this connector is placed on the right corner of the graphics card.


On the rear of the graphic card we find the following ports:
– 2x DisplayPort 1.4,
– 2x HDMI 2.0,
– 1x DVI-D.


The U variant of the RX 590 from ASRock has one additional output connector placed on the left side of the card, right next to the PCI-E covers. This connector is a Mini Display Port, this can be used for an internal capture card or for Thunderbolt applications.


The cooling system is attached to the PCB with 6 screws, the fan shroud is held in place by only four screws. The usage of fewer screws helps with the maintenance of the graphics card.


The heatsink makes contact with the GPU chip with a layer of thermal compound while the memory chips and the power delivery system make contact through standard thermal pads.


The six-phase power delivery system has MOSFETs made by SINOPOWER.


Controlling the voltage regulation is done by a single uP9505P controller.


The memory chips used for the ASRock RX 590 are made by Micron with the model number MT51J256M32HF-80:B.

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