ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4


The following system was used to test the motherboard:
– CPU: Intel 9900K @ 4.9 GHz
– RAM: Ballistix Tactical Tracer 16GB DDR4 @ 2666MHz
– GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition
– HDD: WD 1TB Blue
– SSD: Crucial MX 500
– PSU: Seasonic Snow Silent 750W Platinum
– CPU Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240
– Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
– OS: Windows 10 64-Bit (After May Update)

The processor was used with the stock frequency of 3.6 GHz and the factory turbo frequency of 4.7 GHz allowed by the Intel B365 chipset.

Software used for testing the motherboard:

– 3D Mark – FireStrike, CloudGate, IceStorm.
– CineBench r11.5
– SuperPi mod 1.5
– Metro Exodus
– Shadow of the Tomb Raider
– Grand Theft Auto V
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


3D Mark

Overall Score


Fire Strike


CineBench r15


SuperPi mod 1.5


Grand Theft Auto V


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Metro Exodus


Shadow Of The Tomb Raider


Final thoughts

The ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 is available for around 85 USD or Eur at a discount. At this price range, this motherboard is fully equipped with everything needed to create a modern gaming system.
The build quality is very good, similar with what is found on more expensive motherboards, such as the ASRock Z390 Steel Legend. The soldering quality is good and both heatsinks are mounted to the PCB using metallic screws, and not plastic pushpins.

The VRM system is good for a motherboard that is using the Intel B365 chipset. While a low TDP CPU will work great with this motherboard, something that is on the level of a i9 9900K will push the VRM to over 95°C. The solution to the VRM cooling is either the usage of a top flow air CPU cooler or an additional fan to push air over the VRM components.
The features offered by this motherboard are useful and make the B365M Phantom Gaming 4 a good value product. There are two Ultra M.2 Sockets and a third socket, that is in fact an E-key socket, dedicated for a Wi-Fi network card. There is plenty of RGB integration on this model, starting with the three RGB headers and ending with the LEDs placed on the underside of the PCB and on the I/O cover.

In conclusion, the ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 is a good motherboard that offers a build quality that is similar with what you will find on high end motherboards. The design of the B365M Phantom Gaming 4 will match any gaming system, thanks to the neutral color scheme with red accents. The VRM system is good, but the cooling is only adequate for regular TDP processors, higher TDP CPUs will require additional VRM cooling.

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