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ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs in 2001 and has given distinction to it ever since. Today ARCTIC is one of the leading manufacturers in computer cooling and has acquired profound knowhow in consumer electronics.
Up until 2009, ARCTIC COOLING focused solely on cooling solutions. In 2010, we became ARCTIC with the additional aim to provide a comprehensive set of innovative consumer electronics and peripherals. ARCTIC’s long term goal is nothing less than being present in everybody’s home.


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Packaging and accessories

The headsets are packaged in a cardboard box that features the eSports PENTA team color scheme, the box itself has the following dimensions: 236 x 119 x 248mm. The front side of the box features an overview image of the headsets alongside a general photo of the eSports team. The manufacturer’s logo and the name of the product are placed on the center of the picture.


The sides of the box are simple, on each there are listed the features of the product and the package contents.


On the backside of the packaging there is a diagram of the headsets which presents their features. On the left side there are printed photos that showcase each function available while lower the accessories included in the bundle are presented.



The product comes with the following accessories:
– 1x Manual
– 1x Carrying Case
– 1x 2m extension cable
– 1x PENTA Sports Pin



Model: P533 PENTA
Colors: Black-Orange
Materials: Metal + Plastic
Driver Unit: 40 mm, with Neodymium magnets
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: > 95 dB/mW
Cable length: 1.2 m + Extension 2 m
Connector: 3.5 mm TRRS jack – (Extension 2 x 3.5 mm TRS jack)
Weight: 375g


– Articulated Boom Microphone: The integrated boom microphone ensures that your counterpart understands you clearly. If you don’t want to be heard, just turn up the mic and it is automatically mute.
– Strong Bass and Crisp Treble: Sturdy sound with powerful bass and crisp highs via 40 mm neodymium drivers.
– Integrated Volume Control: Easy and quickly handling to adjust the sound volume with convenient volume wheel.
– High Comfort for Non-Stop Gaming Action: Optimal fitting through smooth, excellent sound sealing earpads and soft leatherette headband.
– Enough Free Space for Unrestricted Gaming: The 1.2 m cable with TRRS connector enables compatibility with PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Xbox, Playstation and other devices with 3.5 mm jack. Enough free moving space through 2 m extension cable with 2 x 3.5 mm jack.
– Stable Carrying Case: So that your headphones reach your next LAN party without damage, your P533 comes in a stable travelling case.


Visual inspection

The headsets are available in three different variants: P533 PENTA, Racing and Military, each version features its own design. The PENTA variant uses the black-orange color scheme of the eSports team, this color combination is applied from the outer casing of the headsets up to the stitching of the headband and the cables. The headsets have a weight of 375 grams and a cable with a length of 1.2m.


The structure of the headsets is made out of chromed metal, all the joints are done with screws and spacers.


The headband is made out of leather, on the top side there is the manufacturer’s logo. The contact side of the band is covered with soft foam that is divided into sections to increase the comfort.


The headsets use two 40 mm speakers with Neodymium magnets, these have a impedance of 16 Ohm. The ear cushions which cover the speakers are made out of soft foam that is covered by leather, these cushions are removable.


The microphone is articulated in two sections, the microphone itself can be rotated from the base while it articulates on the middle and to the top. The cable of the microphone is exposed.


The outer case of the headsets is made out of plastic, it features the PENTA design while the two eSports badges are applied on top.



The volume control knob is placed on the right headset, it has a smooth rotating motion and the volume switching is done with accuracy. The connection between the internal controller and the knob has no lag.


After more than a few months of daily use, the headsets are comfortable, the foam made elements maintained their flexibility while the headband does not apply excessive pressure.

In order to accurately test the headsets, they have been used in different type of games such as: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Deus EX: Mankind Divided, Prey, Battlefield 1. In addition, a list of the used songs is available below.

The following songs have been used to test the headsets:
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Soundtrack
– Daft Punk – Give Life Back to Music
– Daft Punk Feat Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky
– Daft Punk Feat Panda Bear – Doin’ It Right
– Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)
– Desire – Under Your Spell
– Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
– Paradise Walk – Rogue
– Paradise Walk – Neon Rain
– Paradise Walk – Stranger
– Glass Animals – Toes
– Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
– T-Rex – Get It On
– Mötley Crüe – Kickstart my Heart
– Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady
– Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
– Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

The sound quality is very good, especially in games, once the speakers have been used enough to reach their optimum performance, all sounds are rendered with accuracy. The mid tones are crisp and clear; however, the bass intensity is lacking to a degree. This can be fixed by using the headsets in combination with a DAC or AMP.

Final thoughts

The Arctic P533 PETA offer a good sound quality and the build quality is very good, the metallic joints and screws do not lose their grip and rigidity over time and the foam elements maintain their flexibility. The microphone offers a good overall quality; however, it needs more insulation to prevent unwanted background sounds.
The main feature of these headsets is the audio quality, the Arctic P533 offers a balanced sound experience, all the frequencies are rendered clearly, the only thing that can be improved is the bass intensity, which in this case is too low.
From an ergonomics stand point, the headsets are comfortable even after a daily use of several months.
In conclusion, the Arctic P533 PENTA are a breath of fresh air from the recent trend of gaming headsets available on the market, they offer a balanced sound stage, an ergonomic design and good build quality. In addition, these headsets are available in three different variants.


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